Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Archives - Month 35

Dear Henry,

I'm just a tad late on your letter this month, but summer (almost!) is in high gear around here already and we're busy, busy, busy with traveling and hosting travelers. Gammy and Grandpa Jack just left yesterday after a great weekend. You went to your first Twins game (we won!), and we hit the horse track for the first time this year! You still loved the racing, but very tentative when Daddy took you to pet the horses or to ride the ponies. You're making progress but not quite there yet.

You're getting really good at naming all of your colors. My favorite thing is that you call yellow things "sun", and that you call brown things "chocolate." I am not correcting you on the way you say those colors. All people should name colors that way. Its sounds magical. Blue could be "water" and green could be "grass". It might make the world a little more interesting if we all talked like that.

Your vocabulary is continuing to expand and its just so much fun. Yesterday I asked if you could help me make my bed, and you said, "Of course!" We had a long lesson on the difference between a Cadillac and a convertible. You thought all convertibles were Cadillacs. Oh no, my dear. But after a little talk about cars with roofs that go up and down, every time you see a convertible, its now a convertible. I'm tellin' ya, just come to me for the most important lessons in life. Am I right?

As far as eating goes, you're not too bad. I should probably be better about making veggies for you, but you love any and all fruit. Your favorite meal is spaghetti and you want it for every meal. It has to be regular spaghetti too, not Chef Boyardee. You want the real deal. And peanut butter and jelly samwiches are your other staple. You're not too much into meat yet. I figure the protein in the peanut butter and the hamburger in the're doin' OK. I like to call you my little vegan, but you eat yogurt and you're not quite there.

Everywhere we go people think you're either 3 or 4 years old because I guess you're tall for your age. I don't know about that, but everyone is saying it. I find myself slipping your age into casual conversation with strangers because I don't want them to think you're 4 and still in diapers, or that you're 4 but have the vocabulary of a two year old. Every time I tell them you're 2, they are just amazing at how tall you are. Seems to make sense to me considering your father and I are longer, lankier, and leaner than most.

Loves you booger butt,

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gina said...

at least you still write letters! i have all but stopped that whole thing. (lazy much?)

i can't believe how big henr has know, it's funny, jasper gets the same thing about being tall and addison and i are like "yep, just like mommy and daddy". LOL!