Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mindin' My Business

Hey, what are you guys doin'? I'm just chillin' and illin'.... hangin' out....on the couch...watchin' a little American Idol....relaxin'. Oh, I had a nip or two off mama's wine, but I'm fiiiiiine. Don't you worry 'bout me. Don't you worry your pretty little head....cuz I'm golden.

Sorry about that entry above - I wrote that last night. I have my wits about me a little more this morning. That was just weird.

Sounds like the weather is getting worse, so we may be cancelling the trip for this weekend. My vote is that Saturday is supposed to be nice, so we just go for an overnight trip. We're in, we're out. No one gets hurt. We'll see. Storms comin' today though, hopefully it won't take Mom until Saturday to get home!

Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker,

PS - Shout out to my buddy Brady's Dad Pat! Happy Birthday man! Here's to many more!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Blur

You can't stop me, you can't stop me! You can only hope to contain me. Look fast, cuz you don't wanna miss the BLUR!

Well, all's good here on the home front. Although I did have a nightmare last night and woke up crying at like 9, but as soon as I saw my papa, I felt much better. Whew. I just thought that a giant sippy cup was going to suck the life out of ME, and I tried to scream but nothing came out and I tried to run but it felt like my arms and legs weighed a thousand pounds, and *pant, pant, pant*, everything is fine now.

We're planning a short weekender trip to SD this weekend. Sounds like we're in for another snow storm though, but should be clearing up by Friday. I hope so. I have this urge to hit the road. Feel the wind in my hair. Explore new horizons. Eat at Nick's Hamburger Shop.

Rise and shine,

Monday, February 26, 2007

Love Chain

I guess all the dance lessons are starting to pay off! Let's start a love chain people! Feel the groove!

Many are called, few are chosen!

PS - I would like to send a shout out to Laurie - Happy Birthday girl!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Aftermath

You talkin' to me? Are you, talking, to me? Hmpf. OK, that's my best DeNiro, and that's my shout out to the Oscars tonight! The only movie I saw was Little Miss Sunshine, so I think she's going to win them all!

Last night ended up as a bust. The blizzard did finally move in, just in time for "New Auntie" to come over and for the parents to go to their party. It was just too bad out side, so we called NA and cancelled, and then, after Mom put on her new shoes!, perfume!, AND eye-liner!, they decided it was in every one's best interest to stay in for the evening. We did venture out slightly and made a visit to the Greeks while we waited for Pizza Man to make us a pie. It was fun regardless, but we're all still bummed we didn't get to do what we wanted.

Here's a look at the aftermath. They say we got about 10", with another 4 or so coming yet today. Daddy's out taking care it right now. I call this one The Free Snowblower. The sweet little Pheasant Family seems to have quite a road ahead of them, and, as usual, Buddha grins and bears it!

Footloose and fancy-free,

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Doggie Jammies

Don't ya just hate it when you go to a store, try something on, and in the dressing room, with their tricky mirrors, the out fit looks perfect. And you're like, wow, I can't believe I fit into that size, and you're really feeling good about yourself. Then you get home, and you put on the exact same outfit to show off to your mom and dad, and this happens! I mean these are my brand spankin' new doggie jammies! I've never worn them before, Mom hasn't even washed them! And here they are. I gotta hit the treadmill.

As for the blizzard, there isn't much going on yet. There was no snow this morning, but its just recently started. They are still saying we're going to get a foot, but who knows. Mom & Dad are actually leaving me tonight with "New Auntie" while they go to our pal Laurie's birthday party. Mom said it should be a blast cuz Laurie's always going to be older than her. Anyway, I can't wait for Chris to get here! Is it 6:30 yet?

It's not the heat, it's the humidity,

Friday, February 23, 2007

Dancin' Dancin'

Dancin' with my Daddy! Shake it down, shake it down, shake it down now. HA! We went out to our local sushi joint the other night! I love going there. The workers all know me and they let me sit up at the bar with everybody (See the Heineken sign?) And, my favorite chef, Henry, always brings me pineapple with raspberry drizzle to chew on. It's like we're kindred spirits.

Today, so far, the fireplace man came over and got our fireplace fixed! Finally. So we got that going for us. Later Mom and I are going to the grocery store to stock up for the big storm heading this way. We're stilling holding out hope that its all talk and no action, but it doesn't look that way. Paul Douglas seems to think its the second coming. Batten down the hatches.

It takes a big dog to weigh a ton,

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Filthy Animal

Does it bother anyone else that there's a shark behind me? I mean, it could eat me in one bite!! No one seems concerned. Every one's just saying "smile" and waiting for the shark to get closer, and there's only a thin, thin sheet of glass between me and certain doom. But no, please, don't get up.

Today was my first trip to the zoo! Mom thought I was too young and didn't think I'd get into it too much, but I LOVED it! It was so exciting to see all the fish and the birds and the tigers and we heard a bear ROAR! We ran out of there so fast! We couldn't see the bear, only hear it, and it was so loud and scary! Mom thought the bear escaped and was after us, so we boot scooted to AppleBees right then and there! Whew! I had an awesome time and can't wait to show Daddy. He's never been there! Can you believe it?

It's like talking a dog off of a meat wagon,

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

8 Month Archive

Dear Henr,

Look at you. So big, so, so very big. You're over 20lbs now kid. I can't hardly carry you around anymore in that car seat. Daddy and I see a new one in our near future. You're almost to the point where you're going to be one of those kids whose parent's actually carry them into stores and restaurants without the car seat. Kind of sad. Those were fun times. You're turning more into a little kid, with less baby sprinkled in.

You still don't have a tooth to save your life. You want one BAD. But nothing yet. The way you were eyeing my spaghetti last night, I woulda thought it was a bowl full of homemade whipped cream. (Your favorite food so far.) As far as foods go, you eat all your veggies and fruits. You like everything, and thank you for that. I hear some kids don't. So far, so good. And the sleeping - you're a rock star. Seven to seven at night, three naps during the day. Lovely, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You've been nothing but giggles lately. In the mornings, in the evenings, all you want to do is play and giggle. We love it. Oh, and your favorite thing to do is stand. All stand, all the time. No, not sit, not lay, just stand. You squeal with joy when you are eye level with the coffee table. I have a sneaking suspicion that walking is in your future sooner than later, and maybe not the crawling. Which, kind of irks me because they say crawling develops better eye hand coordination, and how are you going to be able to hit a baseball 500 feet without eye hand coordination? We'll deal with it if the time comes. And for record keeping purposes, you fell and hit your head on said coffee table this weekend, while your G-ma E was supervising you. She feels just awful about it, but I just had to mention it and place the blame. You didn't get a bruise or red mark or anything, but you cried. Then she cried. But you're fine. (Mom, you need to get used to the idea that you did not hurt Henry.)

Happy 8 Months Baby Boy! You're growing so fast, you can slow it down if you wanna. OK - please don't, otherwise I'm just going to worry that you aren't developing like the other kids your age and then I'm going to get all stressed and worried. Looks like I need to get used to the idea that you're a healthy and happy little boy.

Mama loves you.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

You Knew It Was a Matter of Time

G-pa looks really guilty in this picture, doesn't he? I mean, you can really tell he feels bad about giving me, at 8 months, Bud Lite. If you could have only seen/heard G-ma while this was taken. She did not approve. Mom didn't know for sure if I should put it on my blog - but what kind of a kid doesn't pose with booze?

Today Mom took me to Lini's (that's what I call her.) Dad had to go to school ALL day, for a whole 8 hours. He was NOT happy about it, and then he went on to tell me that I have at least 13 years of that in my future! Wha? Probably 17 he said. And Mom added that it could be as high as 20 years, if I followed her footsteps. I think not.

Gift of the gods,

Monday, February 19, 2007

Future Jackrabbit

This is my future. Pretty much no matter what happens. Mom says I'm a Jackrabbit, unless I get a scholarship to go somewhere else. She tells me its a big school and they have all kinds of different things to study there. She says there has got to be something there that I will be interested in, and that she thinks I will excel in all my finance classes. Whew. I'm glad that's all planned out for me.

G-ma & G-pa E left this morning. We had a long, nice weekend together. We ate out for every meal! So much for trying to slim down my thighs. They are so much fun to have around and I can't wait to spend a week with them next month. Last night we went out for the "Meet the Fockers" dinner. We met my new auntie Chris' mom & dad! They are very nice, and her mom, Cindy, was nice to me even though I was screaming. You can't blame me. No one was really paying enough attention to me, so I decided to start yelling. This way someone was always holding me and walking me around the bar in the restaurant. Its a great way to pick up chicks.

With wind swept hair,

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Testing, Testing 1...2...

Hey guys! I'm just practicing and showing G-ma E how to do a blog so she can keep everyone updated when my parentals are in Mexico next month! Hope you're all having a great weekend - GO RAINBOW WARRIOR!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Lost and Found

Someone left this hat at my house. Do any of you recognize it? Its was left here on Saturday. It seems odd, because I think its a kid's hat. Because its small, but there weren't any kids here that night. The only answer I can think of, is its Bridget's hat or I have an unusually large head.

Well, G&G E are on their way. We have been in constant contact and watching the radar all day. They took a risk and we're hoping it pays off. They should be here in a couple hours if everything goes as planned! I CAN'T wait!

Save Gas, Eat Beans!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snow Shmow

G&G E are threatening not to come visit tomorrow. I'm really bummed. (As you can see the concern in my eyes.) I haven't seen them since Christmas and I have all kinds of new tricks to show. I can click my tongue on command. I can roll over. I can do all kinds of other things that I can't think of right now, but they're SO exciting! I really hope they decide to come. G-ma said there's a clipper coming through SD, so they might not come. Well I say clipper shmipper. Leave tonight, get up early and get your butts here. Take a day off and just come. The weather is fine here in MN. Cold, but who cares. OK - there's my plea. Do with it what you will. But I really hope you come.

Yesterday Dad took me to Mom's office. We brought her lunch and flowers! She LOVED them! Boy, girls sure do seem to get all mooshy gooshy on Valentine's Day. I have to remember that. I had a fun time with all the people at Mom's work, but I think I might have a little cold. My nose was running. I do feel better today, and Dad attacked me with the super sucker this morning and got a lot out. I have a love/hate relationship with that thing. It hurts so good.
Slide a quarter in the slot,

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Let Me Count the Ways

What a handsome devil. Ooo-la-la! Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope everyone has a great day! Eat tons of chocolate and drink lots of wine. Remember, today is a free day on your diet too! So live it up. But don't go too crazy, or you'll never have an ass as sweet as this. (The profanity, I know. I only use it when absolutely necessary.)

I had another great day with Dad yesterday. He ended up having an appointment in the afternoon that I wasn't allowed to go on, so I got to hang out with my cousins! They took a bunch of pictures of me, but I haven't seen the proofs yet. Hopefully I'll have them share with you at a later date. Tonight we're planning a romantic dinner for 3 of pizza and a little chocolate dessert.

Go bananas,

UPDATE - Check out My Pumpkin Juice today for photos from my antics at my cousins' house yesterday. Is there a doctor in the house?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Crocodile Hunter

Let's just stick with this cowboy theme here for a while. This has got redneck, back woods kid written all over it. Overalls, with a surfin' t-shirt over a long john shirt. Haute couture Oklahoma style. Mad props to my Mangum peeps.

Life with Dad has been awesome! I went on two appointments with him yesterday. I got to play with the kids at these people's houses while Dad helped them with their roofs or whatever he was doing. One lady even gave me a pair of Crocs! Just like Daddy's!! Boy, these really are comfortable on my tired dogs.

Not much else going on these days. Just REALLY looking forward to G&G E coming for a visit this weekend. Just pray it doesn't snow or there's no way G-ma will come. Chicken.

Will it be cash or charge?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Texas Toast Roast

Wow - what a fun weekend! I've been so busy I haven't had time to sit down at the computer and record it all! On Saturday we had a going away party for my auntie Gina, uncle Addison, and pal Bergan. It was Texas themed, because that's where they are all moving to. I don't really understand what's so great about Texas, I've been there a couple times and its nice and all, but I don't see the draw.

Anyway, we had held a roast for them. You know, where everyone gets up and makes fun of the honorees. It was hysterical and fun and sad and all of it....we laughed, we cried....some of us even did cart wheels. You don't wanna know. Anyway, it was lots of fun, good friends, good food, definitely one of the best parties I've been to so far!

Yesterday absolutely nothing happened. I thought since I let my parents sleep in until 8, they'd have a little more energy to play with me yesterday, but that didn't seem to help much. Especially Daddy, he took more naps than I did. He seems to be great today though! Darlene is in Mexico for the week, so I get to hang and with Dad and go to work with him and he said if I was good, I could climb up on a roof! I'm going to be REALLY good today!

Three reasons to be a teacher- June, July, and August,

Friday, February 09, 2007

...And Many More

Happy birthday to you....happy birthday to you.....happy birthday dear Grandpa.....happy birthday to you! How old are old are you....OK, we won't talk about that. At least until next year. (wink) Today is my G-pa E's birthday! He's such a great grandpa! He's the one that is responsible for my sweet tooth (that is sure to come through anytime now.) There aren't many kids out there who are allowed chocolate swivel sticks, whipped cream, and just plain good old sugar before you're 4 months old! I'm the luckiest kid in the world. G-pa - I hope you have a great day and remember, its your birthday, so you can do whatever you want. Mom said. You can even have cake for breakfast! I can't wait to see you next week. I love you!

As for me - my parents think maybe I was switched at birth, and that I really belong to an African family from deep in the rain forest. The last few days I've been communicating with a series of clicks and grunts. I keep telling them - look at me! I'm a little Norwegian - I'm not Tarzan! They don't seem to understand what I'm saying though. But, once they learn the ways of the indiginous Norwegian Pygmy people, the foremost developers of the "click" language, I think things will run much more smoothly around here.

Get the lead out,

PS - Not that you're any less important than my G-pa - Auntie Martina - but he's blood. I hope you have a great birthday too and I love you! See you tonight!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I'm Still Standing, After All This Time

I'm practicing standing. I'm getting better. This photo looks good, but Mom is secretly holding the straps on my overalls. We're very sneaky in the Johnston house.

Not much else going on around here. Its still cold, -7 this morning, but supposed to warm up to 6 today. Wahoo. The house actually got up to 66 degrees last night. We almost all threw on bikinis. Its is funny what you get used to. Now I'm hot at school and at people's houses that actually have working furnaces. Spring can't get here soon enough.

Counting on my good fortune (and good looks),

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mad Chatter

We're not saying, we're just saying, that we might be saying - Mama. There was A LOT of this yesterday day -


I was looking at my mama the whole time, leaning towards her, hoping just to even grasp her hair for a brief moment. Then, Daddy handed me over to her, and I stopped the never ending, droning chant and was content. I think I might know how to really get this woman's attention. I'm going to keep trying it out, but Daddy even admits that I might be on to something.

There was good news and bad news today. Let's start with the bad news, we always like to end on a happy note! The bad news is that it snowed during rush hour and it took Mom 2 hours to get to work. Rush hour was not so "rushy." The good news is that its starting to warm up! We'll take every little bit we can!

Who's to say what's right or wrong?

Monday, February 05, 2007

Green Bean Delight

Good for Peyton Manning! Good for Tony Dungy! I'm very glad the Colts won the Super Bowl! Finally, one of my teams comes through. The Colts have always been my back up team when (not if) the Vikings seasons go down the drain. My first Super Bowl party was fun too! Lots of kids and food and dogs. My favorite dog is my cousins' dog Ferris. Dad says I'm the only one that likes him. And he kept running away from me! Dad said that was typical Ferris - the one person that actually wants him around and Ferris stays away just to go bother everyone else.

I keep forgetting to send a shout out to my other new cousin (step-2nd cousin) Hudson! Welcome to the world my bro! I can't wait to meet you the next time we head south! Don't come up here until summer, trust me. (-16 below this morning. The house is a balmy 60 degrees. Please Dad, just call the HVAC guy!)

Life and soul of the party,
PS - Happy Birthday to my namesake! Here's to doin' it with class and by the book.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Lemme Outta Here

Wouldn't you know it. It's Super Bowl Sunday, and I'm stuck in jail. Mom said to not even bother to call her for bail money, because she won't come get me. Luckily Dad is a softy, and he promised to get me out before half-time.

Its still freaking freezing here in MN. I wouldn't be able to survive without my new best friend. Mom says she couldn't make it without her best friend either. Thank goodness we have these things to count on.

We went to the gym today and then we've spent the rest of the day cooking for the party. Here's one thing Mom made. Through this trial period, she learned not to add that extra layer, which made the cake to high, and is now smooshed in the cake carrier. Life lessons here people. We also made chicken fingers and deviled eggs! Sounds like it will be quite the spread.

Go Colts!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

And I Thought 5 Was Bad

OK - I thought yesterday was cold, but this.....this is crazy! (Check the temp, not Dad's head.) When skies look like this in Minnesota, it usually means this. Not this. And yes, I do prefer the latter. I mean, its not fit for man nor beast to be outside today. And it sounds like it won't be above zero until Tuesday. Tuesday. Seems so far away.

Today we did end up leaving the house. We went to a great bakery Dad found in Minnetonka. It smelled so good in there. Add that to the list of things I want to eat when I get teeth. Then we went to Target so Mom could get a container for tomorrow Super Bowl party. I can't wait for the party! I haven't seen my friends in so long.

Colder than a witch's tit,

PS - Sorry, but its true.

PPS - Great Auntie Jodi - I know you are planning on buying Mom that deviled egg container at the next Pampered Chef party - please still buy it. This is a temporary solution until she gets the good one. Thank you!

Friday, February 02, 2007

5. Honestly, 5.

Can we talk about how cold it is? I mean honestly. Its 5 outside right now. 5. And I think that's being generous. Tomorrow the high is -4. -4. Most of the problem is that Mom & Dad knew the furnace was questionable. Just like the air conditioner didn't do much cooling this summer, now the heater isn't doing much heating. We're all in layers and blankets, and Dad says, - "Just keep putting layers on. Its fine." I'll *fine* him, right into next week.

We made another attempt at going to the gym again today. Mom dealt with it much better. She actually signed up this time, and got her membership. The people were very nice and showed her how to use the lockers. She just needs to do these things in her own time. I had fun at their daycare, until one of the people that work there decided to put me down, instead of holding me the whole time. Can you believe it? Well, I let her know who's boss. I don't think that will happen again.

The lights are on but no one's home,


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ask and Thou Shalt Receive

I wore those Carhardt overalls yesterday Grama - so here ya go! Here's another one for you! The overalls are awesome! They're just like Daddy's and they fit me perfectly. Thank you, thank you!

So I thought today was just like any other Thursday: get up, eat, hang out, go back to nap...the usual stuff. All of a sudden Mom gives me this, and loads me into the car. I fell asleep because she drugs me, and the ride to where we're going is about 45 minutes with traffic. Anyway, look at what happened to me!! I was not prepared! I had to get the second of two flu shots. Geez, I forgot about it and then they hit ya like a Mack truck. (Side note: my thighs are taking over the whole house, we might have to move.)

Not much else going on today - we're getting ready for the big game on Sunday. Mom's planning what she's going to bring. Sounds like a fun day, I can't wait.

Flattery will get you everywhere,

PS - I changed a few things - hopefully posting a comment will be easier. Let me know if its not.