Friday, November 30, 2007

Am I a Cool Kid Now?

Remember how yesterday I told you it was so cold here, and its like 8, and all that. So Mom decides to give me a popsicle for dessert. Weird, I know, but WOW! Its like a giant sucker! CHERRY! I've never loved her more, than I did at that moment. I even loved my new stained lips.

So, we woke up this morning and found our lighted deer we have in the front yard like this. Mom is dying laughing and wants to leave it. The question is, does this mean we're cool? That the teenagers in the neighborhood are screwing with our stuff? Like how all the cool kids get their houses tp'd, but the nerds get egged? I just hope we're on the cool side, because its quite funny! Of course, I don't know what any of it means.

Heavens to Betsy,

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Not So Shocking

Hey guys! Its cold here. I mean really freakin' cold. Its 9 right now. Why is it we're shocked every year when it gets cold? We all live here. We've all lived here. We know its going to happen, yet we're floored every time the first cold front hits. They're even saying 5-10" of snow for Saturday. Snow I am not ready for, but at least we have a kick butt hill for sledding behind our house.

Remember how this summer when Mom and I went to the park and I hated the swing? Well, things haven't changed. I still hate the swing.

Set like a jelly,

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Monday, November 26, 2007

Tree Watch 2007 Part II

OK, here it is! This is our Christmas tree for 2007! She turned out a little smaller than we thought, but she's just so loverly. GmaE put all the lights on, and everyone helped decorate. Well, actually I didn't help. When I woke up from my nap, this is what I found! Also found this, but that's a whole 'nother story.

Head in the clouds,

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tree Watch '07

This weekend we went out and found our 2007 Christmas tree! Its always a fun day, and this year G&GE came with us. We loaded up with Ho Ho Mocha Mint Lattes and hot chocolate and headed out to the country. We searched and searched and here's the one that caught our eye. I call him....Timmy. No, not really, it just seemed appropriate.

Daddy and Gpa cut 'er down and then we loaded 'er up in the truck. On the way to get the extra needles shaken off the tree, Gpa had to stop to pee and we saw a goat. I don't think the incidents were related, but who knows. The cute teenage kids put the tree in the shaker machine and shook it, and then wrapped it in plastic, and brought it to our truck. Mom just likes to go to see the cute teenage boys.

Tune in tomorrow to see the finished product...

Hop on over to my house,

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Turkey Recap

I thought I would finish recapping our Thanksgiving here in The Grove. It was our first Thanksgiving spent in our house. G&GE were there and so were the newly weds. Although we woke up to snow, we all managed to have a great time. Since when would a little snow damper your appetite? We had all the trimmings and fixins including a brined turkey that was so juicy. If you have not brined a turkey before, I recommend it HIGHLY. I ate so much I nearly split my pants! The best part is that I'm still not old enough for the clean up!

If I have to look at one more piece of turkey, much less eat any more, I think I'll explode,

Friday, November 23, 2007

Too Easy

Someday they'll pay, and they'll pay dearly. Trust me on this one. I mean, honestly, a puppy hat? Real original Parents, real original.

Dressed to the nines,

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Day 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody! We just got done eating turkey, potatoes, buns, cranberries, stuffing, beans, gravy, and Lord knows what else. I'm too stuffed to move my fingers to type. Happy Thanksgiving to all, and I'm very thankful to know each of you and thank you so much for tuning in to read about my days.

Love, XXOO

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Month 17 Archives

Hanky Poo,

Its amazing what a little boy you are. You're so grown up. You wear jeans, and regular shirts like big boys. There aren't many more outfits you wear with snaps. You're Dad is so thankful. You like to watch a few TV shows now too. For instance, you're watching Barney right now and have given me 15 minutes of peace. Praise Barney. You also are starting to dig Elmo (I can't wait to show you what you're getting for Christmas!) and you are into the Teletubbies. I remember before I had you, I heard parents complaining about watching Barney and Teletubbies, etc... And I thought that I would just not let you watch that stuff, then you'd never figure out who they were and then there would be no problems. Well, I'll probably eat these words one day, but I'm diggin' on Barney, the Tubbies don't bother me either, and I think I love Elmo more than you. Its fun, and its fun to watch you laugh and get excited when you see them.

I was thinking about some of the things you like to play with....toothbrush, wooden screw driver...they seem fairly normal. But I'll keep it a secret that you like to walk around with my eyeliner and blush brushes. I just assume you think its a pencil and paint brush and its your artistic sides coming out.

The shoes are a non-issue now! You'll wear whatever we put on your feet. The secret was to start with socks, and once you got used to them, the shoes were no problem. The only challenge involving footwear these days, is finding ones that fit on your thick feet. Not wide, but thick. There aren't very many that can stretch enough to get your dogs in there. I remember cousin Cody had the same problem, and he's got normal feet now, so you should be fine. Whew. We were all so concerned. Jeez to have such problems.

You're uncle Derek and new auntie Chris got married this past weekend. You were the ring bearer. You got to wear a tuxedo for the first time, and I've never seen anyone so handsome. Well, except for your papa. In the days leading up to your big moment of walking down the aisle I wasn't worried about whether or not you'd do it, it more about how many times you'd stop and say hi to all the guests. You're nothing if not a ham. But when the time came, one second before it was you're cue, you melted down and refused to go. I looked down the aisle and saw the flower girl coming, but you were no where to be seen. I felt so disappointed and I was so mad at myself for feeling that way. You're just little, it was too much to expect from you, but I thought I really knew you and your love of attention. Then during the ceremony, we paused to remember those that have passed before us, and they said your brother's name. And I cried and remembered how lucky we are to have you, and I didn't care if you walked down the aisle or not or if you ever did anything at all or not. I am so proud of you and so happy to tell everyone that you're my baby! After the ceremony was over and Derek and Chris walked back down the aisle, you popped a sucker in your mouth and strutted down that aisle like you were the bees knees. That was my first, real, truly proud moment.

Your Huckleberry, Mama

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Best Pals

A one-sided conversation over heard between Henry and Grandpa, after returning from Cold Stone Creamery:

Gpa: Henry, now if anyone asks you, you didn't eat any of my chocolate ice cream. No matter what, you can't rat me out for sharing my ice cream with you. Its almost your bedtime for goodness sake.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Bachelor Man On the Loose

Now that's what I call a party! This whole weekend may have been the most fun I've had in my whole life, to date. I've never had so little sleep, and I've never cared less about it. I took a 3.5 hour nap yesterday afternoon, if that tells ya anything.

So, as usual we're waiting for more photos to arrive from all my aunties and everyone, and I'll post them as they come in, because there are some really good ones out there. The one above is of me and GpaE in our tuxedos! Talk about a couple of hotties. Uncle Derek was handsome, these two weren't half bad - but the beauty of the day was New Auntie. I'm just so happy she's officially part of our family now, I almost get a little teary eyed.

I did half-way good on my ring bearer duties. I melted down (no one knows why, and I'm not telling) right before I had to go on. But after the ceremony, I cruised my little behind right down that aisle with my head held high and a sucker in my mouth. So, Mom and Dad we proud of me that I redeemed myself in the end.

When the ceremony was over, all the wedding party went on a trolley ride around town and I guess they had fun. They were all a little silly when they got back. I went to the hotel with G&GE, and tried to nap, but no go. I just had to party. I really had a great time at the dance, (you know how I get). I stayed until almost 10pm! Then Bridget came and got me and I spent the night in a house with three other girls. (Frannie, Lucy, and Rosaleen) The best part of that was the next morning all three girls BATHED ME! I know all you guys out there are jealous! I had a three way already and I'm not even 17 months old!

Right on!

PS - I would like to send a special shout out to all of New Auntie's family - the Mitsch's and all. Thank you for being so nice to me, and letting me crawl and climb and walk all over you and your areas. You guys are so much fun, and I'm so happy and proud to be a small part of your family too.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I need to rest after this long wild weekend!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner was last night! Wow! Mom and Dad let me stay up until 10! I was pretty much melting down at that point but I still didn't want to leave. There were so many people there, and they were all so nice and fun. They let me run around a whole bar and meet everyone. And I ate a Nookie Juicy Burger for dinner! Its a burger filled with molten cheese. Don't worry, Gpa E blew on it until it was ready for me. Oh, the man was there and I got to spend some good quality time with GGpaW too!

We're getting ready to don our tuxes for the day today. I'll be sure to fill you in with a recap tomorrow afternoon.

Pillar of society,

Friday, November 16, 2007

Dancin' Machine Part II

Do you like my new haircut?

One game at a time,

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Sitting on the sofa, snugglin' with Papa, drinkin' a little milk, watchin' a little boob-tube, winding down from another wild day of being one. These are the days.

Great day coming up today...G&GE are on their way here to visit ME! OK, not totally just me, but we all know, mostly me. Actually, the wedding is finally happening this weekend....Uncle Derek and New Auntie are finally getting hitched! Seemed like forever ago when Mom went a meddling into their lives.....

It just goes to show,

PS - HAPPY DAY to my cousin Annie!! I hope you get lots of Dora stuff! Have a fun party!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

You Can't See Me

I can see you, can you see my little eyes peaking through? Mom and Dad laugh at me because I like to sit on the couch with them, snuggling with a blanket. Only I like to get under the blankets. I just sit there, chatting, with a blanket over my head. Its the only way I can get comfy.

Dressed to kill,


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Next, Mount Everest

Some of us have bigger hills to climb than others,


Monday, November 12, 2007

Best Friends

Some people think its weird that I walk around everywhere with a toothbrush. Hey, in this day and age you take a friend where you can get one. We hang out on the deck together, we check on the tomato plants together, we play in the yard together. And only a true friend would be there by your side when you just want to be quiet and listen to the birds awhile.

Wear your heart on your sleeve,

Sunday, November 11, 2007

When It Rains...

Just when Mom was about ready to drag me down to the dentist for x-rays to see if I had anymore teeth in this head of they come! You can see the one there to my left, cute little guy. Then, shortly after noticing that one, I looked up at Mom laughing and she saw some little somethings towards the back of my mouth. She grabbed my face, and said, "Open you mouth son!" Of course I just died laughing, but there they were. Molars!

Throw modesty to the winds,

PS - Pay no attention to the bloody snot coming out of my nose. Much appreciated.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Last Single Days

We went out to dinner last night with Uncle Derek and New Auntie. Its their last weekend of being officially single. Why they spent one night of it with me, is beyond me. If I was them I'd be out heeding the call of the wild. OK, I don't know what that means, but I surely wouldn't be hanging out with a one year old my last Friday night of being a single man.

Uncle Derek did teach me one important lesson yesterday. A lesson, I believe, every red blooded American should be taught at a young age by an older, wiser member of their immediate family. The dip of the fry into the ketchup. Yay for me! Its a bit messy, but just another reason to love it so.

Like uncle, like nephew,

PS - Shout out to my cousin Ethan whose birthday was yesterday! I can't wait to see you next week!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Its Heeerrrrrreeeee

I haven't told you yet but I joined a little group, well, I don't know if you call it a group. Its more of a thing to do. Any way, its called NaBloPoMo. It stands for National Blog Posting Month. There's a few thousand of us bloggers out there that are doing this, and we're all posting everyday for the month of November. I usually post everyday anyway, so I thought what the heck. Also, it might be nice to draw in a few more readers, and its working. And even better, I've found a few new blogs to read myself. Its pretty fun so remember to check in everyday.

I hate talking about business. Sorry about that, back to real life. If finally happened in The Grove. Check out this picture, but you can probably see it better here. The first snowflakes of the season. As big as my head, but not quite as big as this one.

In over his head,

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Is It Wrestle or Wrastle?

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Daddy was in Chicago, and Mom went to New Auntie's bachelorette party, and I got to hang out with Patrick? Well, the photos have finally emerged, and boy is there a tale to tell....

We sat down to watch a new episode of Thomas the Train. I was sitting there, minding my business, and Patrick kept saying, "I've seen this one; its a rerun!" And I was trying to tell him that it isn't a rerun, its a new episode. I was very excited about it because this episode was starring the train named Henry, and I was just shocked to see it. Well, apparently Patrick had enough of me, and then he did this! Can you believe it? Well, he might be 2 years older than me, but I can hold my own. Can anyone say, "Take Down, Two Points"!?

The bigger they are, the harder they fall,

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Morning Madness Part II

So, after I have scooched off that bed and have gotten my freedom, I head on into the bathroom. This is where I like to explore Mom's drawers. First I head over to this one, and take out random things and hand them to Mom. Then she replaces them and tells me not to dig around in there. Then I head on over to the other one. This one has all kinds of little things in it, that I like to throw in the sink or maybe chew on a little. Here's what Mom's sink looks like when she gets home from work. Aren't you glad you don't have me messin' up all your stuff?

Don't sweat the little things,

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Morning Madness

So, I'm sick and tired of being trapped on the bed when Dad gets up to take a shower and I can't follow him. So, I've finally figured out how to scooch my little behind off this bed, that, by the way, is taller than the largest oak tree in California. Here's how it happens: First I position myself towards the edge of the bed, and the key is "backwards." Then I start to scooch, and then I scooch. More scooching. Hey, I never said it was a quick maneuver. More scooching, and one more scooch. FREEDOM!!

Win one for the Gipper,

Monday, November 05, 2007

Play Hard, Live Hard

Patrick came over to my house yesterday to play, while our parents watched football. We were actually the good, quiet ones while the adults were all screaming and hopping around the living room. Something about Mom having Adrian Peterson on her fantasy team. Who knows?

Patrick and I played hard all day long and I got real thirsty. AND, the best part is we had matching outfits on. We were football players for the Bulldogs. Patrick pulled me all over the house on my bus, and then we played Fort with his mom. There's a clue of each person that was in our fort in this picture. I consider it a great day anytime I can spent it playing Fort.

I forgot to show you this piece of art I made at school the other day. Its decoration for Halloween. And I want to thank my pal Pat (Brady's Dad) for sending me this cool pin from when he went to the World Series a couple weeks ago. It's for the Hank Aaron award they gave out at the game that night. What a cool piece of memorabilia.

Statistics are for losers,

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I'm Blue For Red Butts

Rub a dub dub, I was takin' a tub, cuz my butt is red and we're soakin' it dead! Ha! I know you all wanted to read about my red butt first thing on Sunday morning, but hey, its true and sometimes the truth hurts. Unfortunately it hurts me more than you. The good thing is, bathing with my papa is one of the great joys in my life. Kinda like how Mom's new microwave is one of her great joys.

Finer than frogs hair, split three ways,

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sports Fanatic

There ya go Grama E and GGrampa W! My first Yankee hat! Its a great hat too, all worn out and faded because my guy Jerrid that really wears it, is a huge and dedicated fan. I knew you'd be so proud of me.

Last night we went out for pizza and then we went to the Wayzata vs. Champlin Park high school playoff football game. It was my first football game and it was great! Everyone was so loud and cheering and kids were playing everywhere. I even made friends with a gaggle of giggling high schools girls who all had to hug me before I went home. Dad was happy and proud that I got a little action.

Grasp at straws,

Friday, November 02, 2007

Life Saving Tip

Just an FYI for everyone out there to know....just a little tid bit to put in your back pocket....a safety net, if you will - always keep a sucker within your reach around me. If I start to loose it, or you really need me to be good, and I don't want to cooperate, just give me a sucker. Any kind will do: Dum Dum, Tootsie Pop, Blow Pop, what ever strikes your fancy. You'll count your lucky stars you did.

The truth will set you free,

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Free Candy!

What an amazing night! I just had the BEST time, I think maybe so far in my life. Did you know that when you knock on people's doors they give you candy? And, almost better than that, all kinds of fun kids come to your house and you can give them candy? It was so great.

Mom and Dad took me to a few houses around the neighborhood. That picture is of me at our neighbor's house. Check out all the loot I got. I really like carrying my candy bucket around. Mom and Dad rang the door bell and hid, and I just stood there with my bucket and people gave me candy!? Mom said this is the one night a year I can have candy for dinner.

The hardest part of the night was watching all the kids leave and go play and run around outside. I wanted to go with them so bad. Every time they left, I cried. But Mom said maybe next year I can run around with the kids for awhile. Here's hopin'.

Get the edge on the competition,