Friday, June 29, 2007

Back To My Old Self

Hey guys! I am feeling so much better today. I'm pretty much back to my normal, crazy, loud self. Here's me drinking out of my sippy cup and having some chicken for lunch. Normally there's juice in my cup, so when I got milk - whoa....what a shocker. But I got used to it and drank it up.

There's a lot of racket around the house today because the guys are here putting on the new siding. I'll show you before and after photos when all is said and done. You won't hardly recognize it. It'll be a couple more weeks though until everything is finished, so settle down and be patient.

Truth is stranger than fiction,

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Putting Off the Inevitable

Today was my one year well check-up. So many things to share, where do I begin? Let's start with the fact that I have a 101 degree fever. Can you tell I'm not so sweet looking in the photo? This is my first fever and I gotta tell ya, I'm not loving it. I also didn't enjoy the poking and the prodding. That usually doesn't bother me. I did have to get a finger prick blood test to check for lead and hemoglobin, but because of the fever, I didn't have to get my shots......until next week. Afterwards I fell right asleep in the car, this whole fever thing is wiping me out.

Now the results you've all been waiting for:

  • Weight - 27lbs 2oz - 93%
  • Length - 30" - 55%
  • Head - 48.7cm - 95%

Again, following suit with my "stocky" genes. The doctor said everything looks great. She said I need to start drinking whole milk now, no more formula. AND - no more bottles! Cups and sippy cups now as far as the eye can see. And, I need to start eating more table food instead of the mostly liquid diet that I've been on. Its amazing the changes. Mom is a bit overwhelmed with all of it, but I'm sure we'll all figure it out. At least I've got enough reserves on my legs alone to get me through the summer.

AND - TWO MORE TEETH! Just today. I thought maybe that's why I have a fever, but Doc said it's a little too high to be from teething. Hhhhmmmm......... Oh - they're the next two beside my front teeth on each side.

Grab your socks and pull up your jocks,


PS - Shout out to Auntie Melissa! Happy Birthday! I told you I'd remember.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hot Daze

Its a hot one here in the Twin Cities. We're looking well into the 90's for our high today. I'm spending the day in a pool. Well, not a pool really, more of a bin. You know like you buy at Menards, and you store your winter clothes in until fall? Yeah that. Lini fills it up with water and I spend my day inside it splashing. Its more of a poor man's pool. Don't judge me.

Thanks to my new cousin Alex for the photo above. Its me at his mom's wedding over the weekend. Yes, I got yet another new auntie, named Melissa. She married my g-uncle Larry. Welcome to the family, and good luck putting up with us!

Give peace a chance,

Monday, June 25, 2007

Lollipop Gild

While in Aber-dabber visiting my Gpa & Gma E, we went to visit Storybook Land, at Wiley Park. This place is the craziest place I've ever seen. They have every character from all of my favorite books, along with rides and swings and all kinds of different and cool animals you don't see everyday. They have a whole section dedicated to the Wizard of Oz too. That's me with the leader of the Lollipop Gild. Come to find out, we have the same hair dresser.

It wasn't all fun and games though. Right when we arrived, Daddy got kidnapped and tied to the train track! I came in on my white horse and saved him! Whew! I turned my back on him for one second, and the next thing I know is he lost a finger!! We think it was this guy who almost attacked G-ma.

I'm not sure who had more fun that day - Daddy and Uncle Derek, or me & G-Pa on the merry-go-round. To be honest, I hated the merry-go-round, so there's your answer.

Hair today - gone tomorrow,

PS - Shout out to my birthday bud Jerrid - next year - we shall ride.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Birthday Parties Rule

Last night I finally got to have my last birthday party! I got tons of presents including blocks, clothes, keys, cell phone, and a really cool pair of flip flops. Grandma made me the coolest frog cake! And - I got to have my own personal cake too the night before. Cake, cake, cake. Does it ever get old?

Butter up,

Friday, June 22, 2007

Month 12 Archives

Dear Henry,

I am just so sad that you're one. I'm sad for me, that now you're turning into a little boy, and my baby is growing up. But for you, little one, I'm so excited. You are getting to explore this world in ways you've never dreamed, by crawling and talking and eating. As usual, I'm left wondering where the time went.

For this month's remembrance of you, I'm going to tell you the story of when you were born. You may not want to read it, but I need to get it written down before I forget myself. You know how I've been getting in my old age. I think I need some ginkgo biloba.

This is how it began. There were months of my legs swollen the size of tree trunks, bloody noses, carpel tunnel syndrome, heart burn, and being absolutely sure you were going to come early. I sat in my chair watching the Twins play baseball, and played my Sudoku puzzles, counted my contractions, and wrote the time in the margins on the page of each puzzle. For weeks, I'm telling you, I just knew you were coming at any minute. But no.

Then one normal, unsuspecting Tuesday rolled around, the day before your due date, I got out of bed, and a milky fluid ran down my leg. (Sorry for the graphic material, but these things need to be told.) I didn't think anything of it, hopped in the shower, and was off to work. After a few hours, I was thinking about what happened and I called auntie Gina and she said she thought my water broke and I needed to call my doctor. Well, I wished I hadn't called her at all, because I just knew it wasn't that. So then I called the all knowing Gma-E, and she said, "I'm sorry Honey, but yes, I think you're water did break." So, I went home, waited for Papa, and we headed to the hospital.

During the drive, we were both wondering, "Is this it? Is this that drive that everyone worries about because you don't want to be stuck in a snow storm or in traffic?" Well, it was our drive, and it was a beautiful, sunny Tuesday afternoon at 1. Just as I thought, my water did not break, but my doctor sent me to the hospital to do one final test to just make sure. Again, negative, but the doctor said, "Since you're due tomorrow, there's no reason you need to be pregnant any longer, so if you want to, let's have this baby!" So we did.

They induced me at about 7pm, we sat in the hospital room watching the Twins play, as usual. Daddy fell asleep, I sneezed at about 11pm and THEN my water broke. Contractions woke me up at about 1:30am, Daddy's still sleeping, and I immediately got the good drugs going. Woke up again at about 6am, the nurses said it was "go time." Daddy's still sleeping. The nurse told me it was time to push at about 6:45, and I told them someone needs to wake up THE FATHER! So the nurse shook him and said, "You better get up if you want to see this baby born!"

Three pushes later you were here! 7:03 am, Wednesday June 21, 2006, right on your due date. 7lbs, 11oz, and 21" long. Although it could have been a few minutes earlier if you didn't have the cord wrapped around your neck - TWICE! The doctor had to do some fancy footwork and she pulled you're little butt right outta there, no problem-o. Whew. 'Bout gave me and Daddy a heart attack. The doctor said you were even kicking as you came out you were so mad. I guess I'd be mad too if I couldn't breathe.

So that's your story, written in cyberspace stone. You can't deny it, or change it. It says a lot about who you are: you just couldn't miss one more Twins game, you're a fighter, and most importantly - you're punctual. That's my boy.

Loves, Mama

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Facing Front

Notice anything different, huh, do ya? That's right baby! Facing forward! Happy Birthday to me! You know, I didn't even know this was an option. It's so great! I can see Mom and Dad, and all the surroundings, and where we're going. I would've been hollering to do this a long time ago, had I known.

Mom and I made it safe and sound to Gma-E's house in SD. Daddy couldn't leave work, but will be coming to join us tomorrow with uncle Derek and New Auntie. Sounds like I get another birthday party today, and another one tomorrow when they get here. You aren't going to believe the cake G-ma made me! I will take pics at the party and share with you tomorrow.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. I also had my first egg today. Mom even let me eat it in bed with her and Dad. They always have eggs and coffee together in bed in the mornings, and I've been so jealous. But ya know what? Eggs in bed, or anywhere for that matter, aren't all they're cracked up to be. This is just another lesson I'm learning as I get older. Sometimes what you really want, isn't what you want at all.

Utility infielder,

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Birthday Eve

It's my birthday eve! I'm so excited! Mom made cupcakes for me to take to school today for all my friends. I'm going to be the big hit! Tomorrow I get to do all sorts of new things that younger kids don't get to do. I'm not going to spoil it, so I will have my list of "firsts" for you tomorrow.

Do you wanna know another trick I have that totally irks my dad? I like to stick stuff into his Bose woofer. He just hates it!! I try to act like I don't know what he's talking about, but he usually catches me red handed.

A man among men,

PS - I wanna send out a couple of belated shout outs that I missed last week. First one too Andrew, happy birthday last Thursday. I hope this doesn't mean you aren't coming to visit. And to Mike on Sunday, happy birthday man.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


So, did you hear Julia Roberts named her kid Henry too? I'll tell ya what, when people get wind of such cool kids with such cool names, you never know who's going to copy you. But they say imitation is the highest form of flattery. So, Julia, you're welcome.

Mom's been trying to get a good shot of my new front teeth for you to see. She keeps telling me to look up and go "aaaahhhh." This is how far I've gotten on that trick. But you really need to see them. We call them "Erlenbusch-Johnston teeth". If you've seen my parent's teeth, you know what I'm talking about. They're about as wide as a dime, honestly. You wonder why I'm so cranky. Just wait and see...

In love with life,

Monday, June 18, 2007

New Red Bump

I thought I'd share with you my Father's Day bonk on my head. We took Dad out to lunch to a yummy "greasy spoon" place. I'm not sure if you guys understand the utter and complete devastation that happens to me when Dad tries to put me down, or in this case, put me in a high chair. I was so upset that I threw my head down on the edge of the table, shown above. Thus my new red bump!

This week is going to be pretty hectic. We're off to SD on Thursday for my uncle Larry E's wedding reception this weekend. So lots to do before we leave. I guess sitting around all day Saturday and Sunday watching Tiger NOT win the US Open, doesn't make you get all the things done that you should. Huh, who knew?

Dog gone it,

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Papa's Day

My daddy is the greatest, best in the world. He spends time with me everyday playing and reading and playing and having fun and did I mention playing? He's just a big softy and I can turn him into a nervous wreck with just one little fall off the bed. It won't be long now, and we'll spend this day together fishing on the lake. So far he's taught me to laugh as much as you can and to have as much fun as you can everyday. I'll do my best to make him proud. I love you daddy, and thank you for everything you do for me.

Here's a shout out to GpaE, Gpa Jack, and GGW! I just couldn't ask for better group of guys to look up to and I can't wait to learn all the stuff you guys have to teach me. Mom said no cuss words though. Shoot.


PS - 4th tooth today!! Upper left, your right.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Water Works

What a great birthday party that was! After I last talked to you guys, we all decided, since it was 92 degrees outside, that we'd run through the sprinklers! OK, we didn't have a sprinkler, but Bridget did a great job. It felt sooooo good! I hope everyone had fun and thank you for coming and for my presents! Wow, I can't believe I finally had one of those parties where everyone got naked!

Throw caution to the wind,

Friday, June 15, 2007

Hey Shorty, It's Almost My Birthday

Announcing the first day of my official birthday week! If my mom can do it so can I! I had my birthday party today with all of my friends! Mom made me a cake, and decorated the porch for kids this time - first time ever!! All of my pals were there. The party had a baseball them and Mom made french fries and hot dogs for everyone to eat.

After lunch, it was time for my cake. I gotta be honest, for whatever reason, I didn't want my cake. I just couldn't understand why no one wanted to pick me up and carry me around!? After a while I started getting into it, and then I saw something that REALLY caught my eye, Auntie Martina! I guess I wasn't as messy as everyone thought. Mom said this is my one and only shot at makin' a mess, but honestly, I didn't like getting my hands dirty. We'll see what this means for my future. Here's what the cake looked like after - at least no one got dirty!

Then it was time for the presents! Wow! I didn't even know what I was in for when I got up this morning! I got blocks, and stuff to play in the sand with, and a hammer toy that's awesome to bang on, and a firetruck and a lunch box and a football! I know, I'm the luckiest kid in the world! The best part of all of it, is that all of my closest pals were here to celebrate with me!

He is so bright his father calls him son,

Thursday, June 14, 2007


No new teeth yet for those of you waiting on the edge of your seats. Teeth Watch '07 continues...

This crawling thing has opened up a whole new world of adventure and exploration for me. I'm like Columbus or Magellan. I can go anywhere I want, and I am encountering all sorts of new items I've never noticed before. For example:

I love to crawl over to the step in the family room. I just look in the kitchen and dream about someday when I can life my leg and get over this blockade. To my right, I noticed something on the wall that I just can't help but stick my fingers into. Alas, there's some clear plastic thing in there already taking up the space. So I decide to cruise on over to the wires hanging down from Dad's speaker. I give those a good yank, and they come tumbling down! They took a nice chunk out of the wall and everything. After that episode, Mom came over and did the strangest thing. She looked very "see-wee-ous", and she grabbed my hand and gave it a little squeeze, and said the funniest word to me. I think it was "NO". I about pee'd I was laughing so hard. That face she makes, its so funny. She gets down on my level, looks me right in the eye, and says "no". She's never said that one to me before, and its a good one. God bless her, she's a funny one.

Get a move on,

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Frozen Fish

I'll tell you what, this little blue frozen fishing teething thingy I got from Lini has changed my life. I love it, I lick it, I bite it, it makes me giggle. I want it morning, noon, and night. God bless it. I have a green one too, so I can switch off.

Now, some of you may have noticed that my legs, especially my knees and feet, look a little red. Do not be concerned. It really doesn't bother me, those carpet burns I've developed. We've been drowning them in Aquaphor, (I don't know why but it fixes everything else, so why not?) which I think makes them look worse than they are. But I'm obviously OK with it.

The brown dog,

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Live Free

Today I'm sending a shout out to my peeps in Kansas City. You know who you are. I wore my Harley outfit for you and to brag that I bet you don't have a t-shirt from Hill City, SD! Can't wait to see you guys next month, and I wanna ride on that hog!

I've typically been a good kid so far in my short 11 1/2 months. But yesterday, Lordy, Lordy. Maybe this is what people talk about when they talk about teething. I'm not sure yet, but the screaming of the bloody murder was almost enough to make you forget what a sweet, loving, little inspiration I can be. (cough) Mom checked it out, and it does look like there are several teeth that you can kind of see "white" like they're getting ready to pop. I mean, like 4. Several. So I guess that would be enough to put anyone in a foul mood. Maybe that's where they get the saying "foul mouth", cuz I got it.

And just to end on a hysterical note, here's a shot I forgot to post from the party. I guess they were channeling their inner cheerleader. Someone remind them they're all like 35 and stuff.

The whole enchilada,
PS - One more shout out to my man Will - Happy Birthday!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Derby '07

Where do I begin talking about how fun that Derby party was? All the girls wore dresses and funny hats. Even Buddha got in on the action. There were tributes to the great Secretariat all over the house. With tons of yummy food and people were crazy here and there. Too bad us kids had to go to bed so early, because the real craziness was with the adults. I guess they don't get out much these days.

Things started to get out of hand when Daddy started dancing and then, please make it stop, Mom thought she'd try her hand at the "Roger Rabbit." I can't imagine the amount of money
I'm going to have to spend on intensive therapy just to get that image out of my head.

The tales will be long and many,
PS - Shout out to Miss Molly!! Happy Birthday girl!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Crawling Monster

We're having some technical difficulties today, so I present this video of me crawling across the living room floor from a few days ago. Believe it or not, I'm even better at it now, and I swear to you that I have rug burns on the top of me feet. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for pictures from the Derby Party. I've got some great, embarrassing photos to share!

Ticket to stardom,


Saturday, June 09, 2007

Mint Julep

Happy Saturday! Its the nicest day here in MN. Its sunny and warm and no humidity. What a great day for a party! Oh wait, we ARE having a party today! Today's the day of the Kentucky Derby party - 5 weeks late. No mind you. Don't judge me. We really want to have this party, and we're just going to pretend the Belmont Stakes is the Derby and no one needs to be the wiser.

Last night we took Miss Barbara Blue (see above) to our local favorite BBQ place, and you're not going to believe who we ran into. The one, the only, Mr. Jeff Gordon! I know, I couldn't believe it my self. He even shared one of his BBQ ribs with me. I'll never say another bad word about the Rainbow Warrior.

Rise and shine,

Friday, June 08, 2007

Cruisin' For a Bruisin'

It finally happened today. We all new it would and quite frankly, I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner. I remember when Palmer did it months ago, and I'm not sure if Jasper has done it yet. I fell off the bed today. My parent's bed, that's unusually high. As you can see, I'm doing just fine, but I think I almost gave Dad a coronary. Mom was in the bathroom and Dad was doing push ups (?). I peeked over the edge, and then lost my balance and boom. It really didn't hurt as much as it scared the crud out of me. You can see the nice red mark next to my right eye, and another one above the bruise from yesterday. This getting older thing is for the birds.

As if that wasn't bad enough, at the grocery store today, I was gnawing on a Pillsbury Crescent Roll container, when it "POPPED"!!! Speaking of coronary. Mom made me take it to the customer service counter and apologize for breaking it. They were very nice and didn't make me pay for it. Mom threatened to take it out of my allowance. But she's the one that gave it to me, so it can't be all my fault. Right?

Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Breaking News!!

Two things: First and foremost - tooth number three baby! On the top, my front right tooth, left to you. I wouldn't let Mom take a picture of it though. We were at the park with the neighbors, and all of a sudden Mom yells at me, "Henry Aaron what did you do?!" And the other mom's were like, what the? Then Mom started screaming, "He got a tooth, a tooth!!" And everyone was very excited. Again, one step closer to meat. Bring it.

Secondly - I got my first bruise on my head today. Above my right eye, its hard to see. I guess it comes with the territory when you're crawling (!). I was tough, and I didn't cry. To be frank, (don't call me Frank), I don't even know how I got it. I think it was when I bonked my head on Mom's knee this morning when I was crawling (!) around the bed. Since you brought it up, I crawled from the kitchen to the living room to the stairway in my house today. My knees are totally callus-y.

Going, going, gone,


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Blast From the Past

Mom is always spying on me and Dad. She's just got to know what's going on at all times. Sheesh. Can't a couple of guys get a little privacy?

Darlene, my teacher, let the cat out of the bag yesterday. I've been keeping a secret from Mom and Dad, but she spilled the beans. I've been standing up in my crib at school and shaking the bars! I only have done it at school and not at home, (that anyone knows about anyway. Again with the need for some privacy.)

I'm excited for school today too because my buddy Patrick is starting his first day there today too! I can't wait to hang out with him all the time!

One last thing, I want to put this video on my blog. Its an oldie but a goodie, and it isn't on any of my posts. It was before I figured that all out. So enjoy a little blast from the past.

Another cliche,

PS - I want to send a shout out to the Pat and Kelly Fairbanks...Happy Anniversary kids! And they said it would last.....hmpf!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Go, go, go

New auntie sure knows how to get me going. (sorry its so dark, but apparently dark mood lighting is the way to go in an Irish pub.

Green as grass,


Monday, June 04, 2007

Breaking News!!

What I wouldn't do for a 'Nilla Wafer!! Dude, check the dismount. Killer.

Haven't seen enough? Check out how its done here.

Like a man on a mission,


Sunday, June 03, 2007

Full Back In Training

I couldn't find any of that black make-up stuff that football players put under their eyes to help block the glare of the sun, so I just used green beans. Do you think the Vikings are hiring? Lord knows they need the help. I couldn't be any worse than what they have now.

Today seems to be a rainy, lazy Sunday. Daddy went fishing, granted its sprinkling not storming. I'm not sure what's on tap for today, but I have a feeling it will involve a lot of lounging on the sofa. I can hear it calling my name...

A dog day afternoon,

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Designated Hitter

Today I got to go to a baseball game! We took Miss Barbara Blue all the way down to Chaska to watch a game. Now, I've never been to Chaska before and I started to get really nervous when I saw this sign. But as we kept driving we finally got to the stadium. Its a really nice stadium, and then I saw my friend Phil running. He's here in the back. He's a pitcher, but he didn't pitch today. His team, Burnsville Blaze, totally clobbered Minnetonka. Wahoo! I hope someday I will be playing out there in the field instead of sitting here watching from the side lines.

Last night my friend Waurie came over and we had pizza in the porch. Its always fun when she comes over because we talk, and talk, and talk and solve all the world's problems. We got most of them solved last night, but we could've used a little more time discussing the value of the designated hitter.

If it took a nickel to get around the world, I couldn't get past the front door,

Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm Very Busy Office-ing

Today we went to Mom's office for lunch! Here's me with my main man, TG. He's so much fun! Today he shared his chocolate chip cookie with me! I know. He definitely knows the way to my heart is through my tummy. He's a smart man! We ordered in lunch from Chipotle, and we all had a yummy lunch. I got to sit at the table with my own chair, and my own NEW (for ages 1 and up!) sippy cup.

Guess what else? While I was there, Mom finally made it official that I know how to wave hello and goodbye. I've been doing it for a day or two, but there was no more denying or thinking it was a coincidence today. I've been trying to tell her I know what I'm doing, but she never listens.

There's no defense like a good offense,