Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another Kind Of Popsicle

Heavy doses of Pedialite juice and pops are in my future for the day. I have a bad case of the poops. One last night, three so far today (its not even noon) of ..... get this......grody, man smelling, but a pale yellow color of gross..... poop. Sorry to be so graphic, but Mom says that if she has to deal with it, so do you!

Here, there and everywhere,

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


There's absolutely nothing to talk about today, well, except for the fact that is was -15 degrees when I woke up, -35 with wind chill, and now in the mid afternoon, its still -6 and -20 with wind chill..... So I thought I'd show you a picture or two of that other time I was at Brooke & Jerrid's and they let me and P-man have Dreamsicles. Oooohhhhh, so dreamy.

That's the name of the game,

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Two Desserts!

We went to Brooke & Jerrid's (I need to come up with a nickname for them) house for dinner the other night. Right when we walked in, Brooke hands me one of those Christmas tree shaped cakes and I eat it! Mom then asks what's he eating? And Brooke said that we eat dessert first around here! I'm thinkin' I like this joint. Then after dinner, she give me a candy bar. Same thing, Brooke says that we get to eat two desserts around here. I didn't ever want to leave! So, to thank her for her kindness I helped with dishes. I was happy to do it. It really wasn't any trouble at all. Especially since it kept me away from that puppy. I'm not sure about her.

Faster than a speeding bullet,

PS - Thanks for all the commenting! I LOVE comments! Even if they are just to set a record (which it is), I appreciate it!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Ice Dancing

Henry is channelling his inner Johnny Weir.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Stick 'Em Up

Besides technical difficulties, this week has been super busy for everyone. Busy at work, busy at home, busy at home with work. So, we're hoping for more consistency again this coming week.
Yesterday we did take some time for play. Mom took me Palmer's house and we had lunch and played, then napped and played, then hugged. I am really having a lot fun playing with Palmer. We are the same height, and both love to throw and run and spin in cirlces. We really bonded. He even has this great policeman car that I love. Well I love anything with a steering wheel. I felt like I was channeling Beau's daddy.

Sight for sore eyes,

We're Alive

This is just another case of Blogger being down, and won't let me down load any photos. And its a darn shame, because have I got some good ones for you guys! I'll check back a again later, but just wanted to let you know that everyone is alive, and we're not dead in a ditch somewhere.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder,

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thank Auntie Niki

Who me? Get in the giant box of packing peanuts? Never! Never I tell you, You can't prove anything. I'll never tell. You can't make me.

Ticket to stardom,

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

French Fries In My Future...

Wednesday are becoming one of my favorite days of the week. Since its Mom's "Friday", we always go out to dinner to celebrate that she made it through another grueling three day week. So, tonight is no different, we're probably off to some fancy, shmancy restaurant like Chili's. I'll get my favorite grilled cheese and a side of fruit. The only thing better than Wednesdays, is Saturdays......then I get to have french fries with my grilled cheese. Mom's a big believer in living it up on the weekends.

Signed, sealed and delivered,

PS - Since Mom did the post yesterday, I didn't get a chance to send a shout out to my cuz in Oklahoma, Hudson! He turned the big 0-1 yesterday. Check out his stylin' crown here...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Month 19 Archives

Dear Henry,

I have to apologize that I'm late on this post. You turned 19 months yesterday, but there has been a lot going on around here and I forgot. Yes, I forgot about your birthday. I know, I would be incredibly upset if someone forgot mine, but I'm human and make mistakes. I'll make it up to you. You can have fudge-cicles for dinner tonight.

Also, I don't have a new picture of you either so I had to dig through the archives. I like this one because you are so chubby in it, and it reminds me of what a beautiful day it was. We were having lunch at a restaurant on Lake Minnetonka, and eating club sandwiches with Gammy and Gpa Jack. It was so warm and sunny, and I remember I forgot to bring sunscreen for you, but you were fine. Its days like today, where the temperature is hoovering around zero, that make you appreciate days like that one in May where spring has just arrived and the days are warm and a bit lazy.

This past month has been interesting yet again. You cried when we left you with a babysitter. That was a first. You have been wanting to come to me, instead of Daddy. That's also a first and I'm not quite used to it. I secretly liked being left alone to lounge on the couch in any position at my leisure. Now I have to share with you, and quite frankly, you're a bit of a couch hog. Speaking of, you watched your first movie the other night. Well first that you actually sat through almost the whole thing....not, not Jungle was Legally Blonde 2, Red, White, and Blonde. To your credit, the movie is filled with all kinds of different dogs, (your favorite animal so far) and you're not alone in your crush on Miss Reese Witherspoon. Your papa would leave me for her in a second.

Seems like you talk a little more than most of the other kids we're around that are your age. Which is hard to believe considering the debilitating shyness your father and I suffer from. (cough) You're putting some words together like "Hi Dada," "I see you," and my personal favorite "Drive safe." You can even say Palmer's name now - "Parmar." Too cute. We'll soon be having life changing conversations about whether or not there is such a thing as too much garlic, or why the Twins just won't resign Johann Santana, or even who you like in the Kentucky Derby. But in the mean time, stick with gaa-gaa-goo-goo as long you'd like. I know what you mean.

Loves, Mama (PS - I drove safe today, even though there were like, a million roll-overs because of the inch of snow we got yesterday.)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mirror Time

We're having the upstairs wood work painted, so we're living in a bit of a mess right now. But I love that the mirrors which usually hang in the bathrooms, are laying on the floor in Mom's room. So I spent all morning checking myself out while Mom was watching her favorite show.

I discovered my belly button. Its hard to see under my round tummy. I made faces and noises. Tried out a few yoga moves, like the crouching lion and running man with socks. If nothing else, to all you parents out there, it makes a great babysitter while trying to catch your favorite show, while sipping coffee in bed.

Independent as a hog on ice,

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Street Wise

The big news around town is the weather of course. Check this out. Yes, that's a negative sign in front of that 12. The good news is that it was -14 when I got up. Great. And this is what it looks like outside. Its so deceivingly beautiful. It almost looks like a nice, warm spring day. But REMAIN IN YOUR HOUSE. Don't fall for that "bright sun" trick, all you southerners out there. You're just a bunch of amateurs, and you don't know the cruel tricks of Mother Nature. You have to be little street wise to survive up north. I'm a bit concerned about leaving the house today because yesterday Brooke and Jerrid's garage door's mechanical parts froze up, and when they went to close the door, it came crashing down. Yikes. I think we'll hole up until spring. See ya then!

The dark side of the moon,

Friday, January 18, 2008


Again here in Minnesota, its not fit for man nor beast to be out and about. The sky is as clear as a bell, not a cloud in sight. You know what that means. Brrrrrr. The thermometer says its 1.9 degrees outside. Mom's truck says 4. They say the high for tomorrow is -4. Is that even possible? How can a high be a negative number? How can a temperature be a negative number? I guess it means that its nothing outside. Well, its going to be nothing here for the next four days.

It has to get worse, before it gets better,

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chrome Cup Holders

So while I'm upstairs, minding my own business, watching Elmo, the furniture guys came and delivered more stuff for Daddy's "Man Cave" in the basement. This guy has gone crazy, but I think its finally winding down. Here's what he got. Well, this is actually 2/3 pieces. The other piece is still on back order. Mom covered it with pillows and blankets to try to make it more appealing. Let's just say its not something they'd ever sell at Mom's office, and I think that if they knew it have features such as this and this, she may be fired.

Behind the clouds, the sun is shining ,

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Perfect Smile

Mom is really trying to work with me to get me off of my "fake smile" kick. You can see a great example on yesterday's post. In order to counter act me smiling, my goofy, toothy grin whenever she breaks out the camera, she starts telling me she's "going to" take my picture. This makes me do my signature smile, then when I stop she snaps the photo. I look a little more relaxed, like the photo above. I can't get it right every time; it just sneaks out sometimes. Then I get bored and just start staring at the camera. Its mesmerizing. Mostly, when its all said and done, I just think Mom's bit crazy with her picture taking.

Honest as the day is long, HAJ

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


My mom would like to take a moment to say a few words...

Dear Sweet, Lovely Ladies at JoAnn Fabrics in Maple Grove,

I would like to start out with an apology for calling you crafting bit#$%es. I really appreciate you finding my camera, and having it ready for me when I sent my husband to pick it up yesterday. I almost cried when I learned that someone did the right thing and turned it in. You have no idea how much it means to me, and I thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your honesty.

Sincerely, (with foot in mouth) Hank's Mama

I'm so proud of my Mom for admitting she was wrong about the crafting ladies.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Get Your Cute Look Ready

Time for another installment of my restaurant reviews! I know you're all excited, so let's get started...

This week we went to Joe Senser's Sports Theater. This is another of our family favorites. I like it because I get a balloon every time we go! I know, right? I had the grilled cheese, CRUSTLESS, and my favorite tube o'yogurt. Its great because I can dip the grilled cheese in ketchup. Have I mentioned how much I love dipping? Anyway, they always have a cartoon on one of their big screen TVs. And when you get tired of listening to your parent's endless chatter, you can get your own personal speaker for your table so you can hear what's on the TV you're watching.

During this visit, the unexpected happened. I gave the waitress my "cute look", and the next thing I know she comes back with a fruit roll up and a HO HO! What?! All of this for me?! So there it happened. My first Ho Ho. The eleventh day of the first month, in the year of our Lord 2008.

My HAJ rating................................................HHHHH

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Morning After

We had a great time at our party last night. There were tons of people here, and we had pizza and CAKE! Of course there was so much going on that no one remembered to take pictures.... So sad. So today is a day of rest and recovery, and a little cleaning up.

Ready for the funny farm,

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Today is my papa's birthday! We're all very excited, and having a great day so far! Yes, Dad's back is still bad, he can't walk very well, he's kinda hunched over, but he's a good sport and trying his best. He's still trying to play with me and hang out with me, even though I can see it hurts him sometimes. That just proves again that my dad is the best in the whole world, and I'm so lucky that he's mine. I love you Papa, and I hope you have a great day!!

We're having a big party tonight with all of our friends. It was supposed to be a Wii party, but Dad is a little more set up for watching the Patriots get beat, than trying to bowl with a joystick.

My daddy didn't raise so fool,

Friday, January 11, 2008

Dad's Broken and We Can't Photograph It

So, we're a little out of sorts here at our house today. Yesterday Daddy threw his back out. I know. So, he's been to the chiropractor twice now, but he's quite useless. All he can do is sit and lay. He can't even lift me. Yesterday he said he couldn't button his pants because he can't stand up straight. Poor little booger. He's better today, but now he's also sick and tired of doing nothing, so he's kind of annoying.

Then to top it off, Mom and I lost her camera yesterday when we were shopping. I was playing with it in the cart, and then I got cranky, so we left. Mom forgot I was playing with it, and I must have forgotten to put it back in her bag. So we called the store (JoAnn Fabrics), but they say they didn't find it. Mom thinks some crafting bit#$% stole it. Rude.

As fun as watching grass grow,

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Forgotten Shout Out

Emily! Happy Birthday Girl! This is your last birthday as a single woman! Go crazy, but don't do anything I wouldn't do......doesn't leave much! Loves, Hank

Snot and Tears

So this was me pretty much all of Tuesday night. Whiney, snotty, teary.... He was at our house yesterday again, and I just looked at him and started crying. He's had it with me, and he's off to NYC today. Good for him, he needs a break!

Here is a recap of our night....I rediscovered some old habits, we watched a little TV (sneak peak at Papa's new TV!), and ate dinner. Kyle even showed me a new feature on my tummy that I never knew was there. After a few hours of him trying to entertain me, we finally called it quits. You gotta trust me on this one, I'm just sure its only an 18 monther phase. Kyle and I will be best buds in another couple months. I promise.

Feed a cold, starve a fever,

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Deprogramming Not Complete

These trouble a brewing again. Mom and Dad went to Avenue Q last night with pals from Mom's office. Cute cousin Kyle babysat me. (I'm only saying "cute" because he got a bit of fan mail the last time he was featured on my blog.) Anyway, after last times babysitting adventure, he thought I was the best kid. This time, he's not so sure. I cried when Mom & Dad left, and I continued to be whinny all night until he put me to bed. I have photos, that he took with his fancy camera again, but forgot to send them to Mom's work computer today, so be sure to tune in tomorrow for cranky pictures of Hank.

Kyle, give me one more shot! I can be somebody! I can be a contendah!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Safety First

Update on boot camp: Seems I'm just fine at school, and the whining and fake crying don't happen there, and Lini had no idea what my parents were talking about. Hmpf. I even told Ian's mom to "drive safe!" when they left school yesterday. Oh yes I did! I hear Dad say that to Mom every morning when she goes to work, and I thought it was appropriate given the snow and the cold and all.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,

Monday, January 07, 2008


Officially back to the old regime today. I'm going to school today to see all my pals. The parentals are chomping at the bit to get me back in the hands of Lini. They say I need to be deprogrammed, and I've been too spoiled with all of the grandma visits. I don't know why they don't appreciate my new talents of whining and the fake cry?! So, off to Lini Bootcamp to get straightened out.

Put up or shut up,

Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Study of Behinds....

While going through all my photos from the past holiday, I noticed a theme in a lot of the photos. Seems there are a couple of big bottoms in my family, and these bottoms have snuck into a few of the photos. For example, here's Gpa E, taken by GmaE. And then here's a shot of Mama. What do you suppose GmaE was trying to take a photo of?

And the craziness also happened in Texas. Starting out with one on purpose by Mr. Hilarious himself. And here's Gpa Jack. My crazy cousin Annie even got in the spirit.

Last night Pman and his mom and dad came over, so I decided to keep the tradition alive.

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound,

Saturday, January 05, 2008

A View Of the Molar

In case you want to see a good shot of the chopper in my mouth. I can really show off my molars in just one smile. Just click on the picture above, and take a gander. Truly though, I just have some great pics from Christmas that I want to share with you, and I'm trying to make up stories that fit them. I think there will be only one more installment, and then we'll move back into present time.

Nurses call the shots,

Friday, January 04, 2008

Round Out Christmas

I wanted share this photo of me by the Christmas tree......does this have Christmas spirit written all over it, or what? GmaE took it on our Christmas night, along with this one. We put the camera on a timer, (thanks to New Auntie, aka - technological queen), and it looks like I'm the only one who didn't quite make time it right.

Hope springs eternal,

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Best Time Ever

I have to say, my favorite thing to do on vacation in Texas, was to jump on the "tramp" with my cousins Annie, Cody, and Presley. They are better at it then I am, and Cody can even do a flip. Sometimes they double bounced me or landed on my head, but I just couldn't stop giggling. The only time that was bad, was when Mom got on with me. She'd never been on a trampoline either, and she ended up double bouncing me at least 4 times in a row, all the while my face banged onto the trampoline. Jeez lady, I'm just little. Oh yeah, how cool are the palm trees in the background? Can you believe it was Christmas?

As luck would have it,

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Grandma Tour Has Ended

Well, we're finally home from the Grandma Tour of 2007. Honestly, I was just thinking about it, and I hit every grandma on this tour, along with 2/3 grandpas, and throw in a few great aunts and uncles, great great aunts, and a cousin here and there, and let's call it a family reunion of sorts.

Its nice to be home. We got home yesterday and are completely wiped out. I went back to school today, and Mom's at work for one day, then we're going to be home together for a few days to try and get back on schedule. Mom and Dad say I need to be deprogrammed from all of the spoiling I got from the Grandma Tour of 2007. I say, let's do it all again next week!

Been there... done that,

PS - I have to send a shout out to Beau in Colorado. I missed his birthday on 12/31, when already turned the big 0-1!