Thursday, March 18, 2010

First Day Of Swimming Lessons...a Little Touch and Go

This was me at the beginning of the lesson.  Mom was slightly freaking (inside).  Visions of last year's gymnastic lessons dancing in her head.

This is my teacher and the other kids in my class.  In the water, learning, and having fun.   
Then something happened.  A really good teacher grabbed me and took me in the water and made me feel comfortable....and that's me up there...on my back... SWIMMING!!!  Next week Mom said she'd bring the video camera and get some real action shots!  I just love swimming!

Independent as a hog on ice,


Anonymous said...

OHHHH Henry, I'm so proud of you!
You make us soooo PROUD.
Big hug, gammy

GramaE said...

Hi sweet boy, I bet your mother's heart was singing when you were floating on the water...for so many reasons.

The road to swimming success starts with the first float!

Love, Grame

gina said...

good job, henry! your cousin jasper isn't totally sold on the idea yet, either. ;)

hang in, buckaroo.

xoxo auntie gina