Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Long Time No See

Here's the deal, I know I haven't posted in a while, and quite frankly...its all my mom's fault.  She's lazy busy with work, and she kind of forgot about the whole thing.  Which is tragic really.  She's thinking she'll get back on this bloggin' train.  Not at the frequency as before, but a couple times a week/month.  How does that sound?  Is there anyone out there!?!?  Have I lost all of you? Hello? Hello?  Testing...1...2...

So anyway, I'm FIVE now.  I know.  Landmark year.  My world is starting to open up for me.  A lot more responsibilities and opportunities.  I'm excited to get started and start sharing again with you!  I can't get you caught up all in one post, so there will be a mix of catching up on a few key items, along with cutting edge news of current events.

Thank you if you're still out there....

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