Monday, October 30, 2006

Yes, I Admit, I've Got a Drinkin' Problem

I made it home from SD last night! I slept the whole way home, except for a quick stop at McDonald's. Dad ended up bringing 8 birds home. I'm not looking forward to eating them. Ick.

I'm very excited to go to school today because its our Halloween party and I'm wearing my costume. I'm not telling what it is yet - you'll have to wait until tomorrow for photos. I hope no one has the same costume as me, how embarrassing.

I am back on schedule after the time change this weekend, it only took one day to get back on track. I was up at 7am this morning - right on time. Today is my first official day of eating 4-8oz meals, instead of 5-7oz meals. Its a big step towards eating at normal eating times. Oh -I also forgot to mention that I'm pretty much out of all of my 0-3 clothes, and on to 3-6 mos. Some of them are tight - I gotta admit. So, I'm even in a few 6-9 mos. AND - I'm in size 2 diapers. My thighs have more rolls than Betty Crocker!

We're going shopping to buy Halloween candy tonight. Since its my first Halloween, and we're also new on the block, we really need to make a good impression with our candy. This alone could make or break my popularity on the street with the cool kids. I'll let you know how it goes.


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