Monday, September 22, 2008

Month 27 Archives

Hi Honey,

Yesterday you turned 27 months old. I was very busy with fantasy football, so I'm doing your update today. You're turning into a good little football fan...yelling "Time out!" when it gets a little rough out there. Chanting "Hut hut!" when its time to snap the ball. And running around the room with us after every touchdown! Although sometimes you call it a home run, and that's OK too because its a confusing time of year.

Your imagination is really starting to come to the surface. You are deathly afraid of sharks, dolphins, parking lots, vacuums, and hair dryers - in that order. I cut myself shaving the other day, and there was blood all over and you asked me if I was bit by a shark. You tell everyone a shark bit you when you get an owie. And you tell everyone a shark bit your daddy, but I know he told you that one. He tells everyone that. You also like to tell people about how you go surfing with your daddy and your grandpa. I'd LOVE to see that one...with any of your grandpas. I'm not sure where you picked up on that idea.

You refuse to walk in parking lots, which is OK, but sometimes I have to hold other things too. So I carry you up to the sidewalk, command you to STAY, and then coach run back to my car to get my items. People watching probably want to call social services, but I trust you (too much) and it works for us. I have to give you warning before I turn on the hair dryer or the vacuum. You like to be perched up as high as possible in the room, ie. on a bed or chair or counter, then you sit cross legged and watch with such intent as if you're watching someone remove my gall bladder. As soon as I stop whichever maniacal machine it is that I'm using, you say "All done!" It breaks by heart when I have to turn it back on, but at the same time, you need to get over this.

This morning, as in every morning before you head off to Nini's, you run to me and tell me "I need a kiss!" And then you ask me if I'll pick you up later, and I always say yes. I moved your sock drawer into the bottom drawer in your closet so you can reach in and pick out which socks you want to wear each day. I love your opinions, but your color coordination is a little lacking. We'll work on it. One day at a time. Your new favorite TV show is to watch the rodeo. You are your father's son. You love bull riding, and you are always asking "Should we watch buffaloes?" You're even sleeping with your little stuffed buffalo these days...good thing you have family in Texas. I'm sure they can find a way to arrange some sort of calf roping expedition.

Everyday is an adventure and another word longer in the sentences you make. We're having so much fun, never change, we'll party next summer.

Loves, Ahmmy


gina. said...

i want to know what ocean you live remotely close to that has you fearing it's sharks and dolphins, yet loving make me laugh so hard, henry, i love it. stop making your mommy carry you in parking lots. you're going to be 8 and your mommy is still going to be carrying you. wink wink. or maybe that's your plan. i like it. jasper works that way, too.

love ya, bud,
auntie gina

Anonymous said...

Just too sweet, the irrationalities of youth. It all goes away too fast, enjoy!


Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

I can't stand it! Turning into a little boy!!!