Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Eating Our Way Across the Midway

Over the weekend we honored the holiday by doing absolutely no labor what-so-ever! We actually indulged in our once a year tradition of eating our way across the midway. Yes, it was the MN State Fair, and we hit it hard! The usual guests were there including me, my mom, my dad, my uncle Derek and auntie Chris, my pal Palmer, and his mom and dad too. Get ready to grab your's what we ate:

The morning started out with corn fritters with a little honey butter to dip 'em in. Who knew how great these were? We then had to try the pork chop on a stick, and it was also fabulous. We regretfully didn't buy the seasoning for them, so have to wait a full year for one more bite! PMan's parents were hunkering for fried cheese on a stick, so we had to fulfill them. That was amazing, kind of like grilled cheese. Daddy was eyein' a big glass of fresh squeezed lemonade to wash down the pork chop, mean while uncle D grabbed a breakfast burrito. This was yummy, and so much better than last years version.

Next we headed to the Turkey To Go stand for a TURKEY SANDWICH! This was the most amazing sandwich ever, and we NEED the recipe. There's no way to wait a year. On the way to the pretzel stand, we saw horsie poop. Wouldn't be the fair with out it. Palmer seemed to like the cupcakes too. Speaking of tradition, the fair would be nothing without Sweet Martha's cookies or the famous french fries. One of the new and odd foods at the fair was called a pig licker. Bacon dipped in chocolate. Don't knock it, you'd be surprised...not too shabby.

The trip was rounded out with fried pickles and ranch, a Reuben on a stick, and to wash it all down a nice cold bottle of water! We had a great time, as usual. I want to thank auntie Chris' mom and dad for letting us park in their lawn, and for all the snacks! We'll be back next year! Tune in tomorrow for more fun at the fair!

Dirtier than a farmer's clod hoppers,


The World According to Hudson said...

I feel like I was there Hank! I can't wait to go to the Oklahoma State Fair...which is this month! I am looking for some of those Pig Lickers!! YUM! ;)

gina. said...

Oh hankie, that looks like so much fun! i hope you grabbed a mini-donut too, those are auntie gina's favoritos. mmmmm.

love you, auntie g

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

I am soooooo hungry!!!