Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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Dear Little Boy Henry,

I say "Little Boy" because you just aren't a baby anymore, and we just don't know when that happened. Daddy thinks it was last Tuesday, but I'm not sure. The conversations we have would rival any I have with any adult. You tell me what you had for lunch: chicken nuggets, yogurt, and corn. Or when you have some really exciting news, you say, "Mama, I have to tell you some thing." You also tell me how you didn't take a nap at Nini's house, and that you yelled really loud while the other kids were napping. Wonderful.

This past month you had your first real illness: a double ear infection! You got it while your dad and I were vacationing in Florida, and you were staying with the Willegalle's. You were very brave, and took your medicine, and got better in no time. It was really hard for your dad and me to see you so weak and lethargic, although we enjoyed the cuddle time. You threw up so much that you lost 3 pounds, but thankfully quickly gained it back, and now you're at your strapping 37lbs.

The most exciting thing of the month was that your cousin Joseph was born. We're all so excited to have Little Baby E finally here. Its going to be so great for you to have a cousin that lives in the same town, and it will be fun to watch you two grow up together. You have so much to teach him little one. But, only the good stuff, OK?

One thing that's new about you is your shyness. You've always been a little shy, but lately you have really been worse than usual. You were even shy when Gpa E came around last week. It seems to take an hour or so for you to warm up to people, as opposed to a few minutes. I know that its typical for a kid your age to be shy, but I really do hope this phase doesn't last too long. You are so fun, and funny, and you have so many interesting things to say. I just want you to share them with everyone.

Not counting this week, the weather is starting to turn. You've been able to play outside more, and you really enjoy it. It will be fun to starting going to the race track, and baseball games, and going out on the boat this summer. I can't wait to spend warm days with you, starting to make memories. I know you probably won't remember anything we've done yet, but its just about to happen, and I want you to know that making memories is something your dad and I work really hard at doing. We want you to have the greatest, most fun memories from being a kid! Because we already have the greatest memories of being your parents!

Loves, Mama


gina said...

doesn't it just happen in ONE second?! i can't stand it. jasper has changed so much in the last 3 weeks it is astounding. the shyness: it will go away. i find myself WISHING annie was shy again. instead she waves to perfect strangers and yells, "hello over there!"


GramaE said...

Dear Hank,

You are such a blessing in so many ways for all the things your Mom has said. You are dearly loved little boy.

Your Grame

Anonymous said...

Your Mommy did a great job on the "letter to Henry." We can't wait to see you in about 7 weeks. I hope the water levels are down by then and it warms up a little so we can eat outside.
Happy 33 weeks little one!
Love always, gammy