Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Funny Conversation

Henry found an old picture of Tom and Gina the other day...

HJ: This is Patrick's dad.
Mama: Yes it is. What is his name?
HJ: Tom
Mama: You're right! Do you know who the other person in the picture is?
HJ: Um...Addison?
Mama: No, but you're close.
HJ: Who is it?
Mama: Auntie Gina!
HJ: Ooooooo. I love Auntie Gina!

Rings a bell,


Anonymous said...

Cute! Good thing Henry said he loves Auntie Gina, cause she might've been ticked off he thought she was Addison before he said that. Now I'm sure she's melting. Love, Molly

gina said...

ohhhhhhhhh i love you too, henr!! i AM melting. give yourself a big hug, henry. i hope i get to see you soon. if this swine flu thing gets any crazier, we're heading north!

xoxo auntie gina