Monday, June 22, 2009

Archives - Month 36

Dear Henry,

Happy 3rd birthday Buddy! You're three now. Gotta stop telling people you're 2. This could take a while. I know its hard to get used to. I even told someone I was 36 the other day. Ugh.

For your monthly update this month, I'm going to recap your birthday for you. This was one to remember...or forget...depending on how you want to look at it. I had the day planned to perfection, and was confident it would go off with out a hitch. I mean, why wouldn't it? I made you a tractor cake, with hay, just like you wanted. That was your only birthday request. Well, besides also wanted no one to acknowledge your birthday, or even say the word birthday in your presence. In fact the whole week before your birthday you would get mad if someone mentioned birthday, you told me you didn't want anyone to sing to you, and that you didn't want to blow out your candles. When someone asked you who's birthday it is, you would say, "It isn't any body's." Why I didn't listen to you, why I didn't heed these warnings you were sending me...I'll never know.

We took all your pals, including Patrick, Palmer, Frannie, Lucy, and Rosaleen, and your cousins LC, Presley, and Cody to the Hennepin County Fair. You loved it so much last year that we decided it would be a great place to celebrate your birthday. When we arrived we went straight to your favorite trucks! But you wouldn't get too close, and you didn't want to sit in them, and you wanted to be held the whole time. Dude, you're knockin' on 40lbs. I physically can't hold you for extended periods anymore.

Then you said you wanted to head on over to the petting zoo area. But when we got there you wouldn't go in, you wanted to be held, and you screamed in terror (no exaggeration) when a goat stuck his head out of the fence in your direction. So then we headed to get something to eat, but you said you didn't want to eat anything. This was about the same time I remembered you wouldn't eat breakfast either, and that you haven't eaten all day. You don't have blood sugar issues, but who doesn't get extremely cranky when they're hungry?

So then you wanted to ride on some of the rides. And I thought great, let's do a few rides. Surely you'll ride the boats around and maybe even want to drive the cars. As all the kids were getting measured to make sure they were the correct height, and loading into the walked away and completely, totally, 100%-ly melted dddoooooooowwwwwwwnnnnnn. There went that perfect day...flying out the window. Then, Mommy (me) looked over at you, picked you up, and proceeded to melt ddddoooowwwnnnn. We left all your pals with plenty of ride tickets, and headed out to the parking lot, got in the car, and drove home.

Upon our arrival, you headed straight for two rounds of time out. During the second round, I walked in and you immediately told me you were sorry. No prompting this time. I also brought you a PB&J. We sat up there, and relived what just happened, and talked about how that just wasn't a good idea. You promised we could be friends again and that you would be a good boy the rest of the day. We than came back down stairs, and you even told auntie Niki you were sorry. I was so proud of you, and you kept that promise the entire day.

After about an hour or so, the gang came back to our house from the fair for some cake. You said you didn't want anyone to sing, so there was no song. You said you didn't want to blow out candles, so there were not candles. You even said you didn't want your presents, but thankfully your cousin Cody and Palmer talked you off the cliff on that one, and you enjoyed each and every gift. You exclaimed, "Oh my gosh!" every time you opened one up. It was hysterical and ended up being a great day. You and I even snuck off in the corner and you blew out candles on your slice of cake. It was a great moment.

So far, we're 2 for 3 on birthdays. But like Martina said, if crazy stuff hadn't happened, we probably never would remember your third birthday at all. One day we'll think it was the funniest thing that's ever happened. For the record, next year if you still don't want to have a birthday, I promise I'll listen. We'll spend a quite day at home. Maybe invite just a couple of your buddies. But I promise, no singing, no candles, and no attention. None. But maybe just one present.

Love you booger, Mama


Chris said...

Sounds like it will definitely be a birthday you (or your mom) will always remember! The tractor cake looked YUMMY! Happy 3rd Birthday!
Auntie Chris

Fabulous Over 40 said...

All of us at GF wish you a happy 3rd big buddy! And you OBVIOUSLY did not get the "celebrate my birthday month" gene from your mom! :)

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Hi-freaking-larious! I predict he's gonna wanna make up for lost time on birthday numero 4!

gina said...

you get pb&j for being in time out?! wow. i want to go to time out at your house, too! hee hee.

holy cake, mama! you are amazing. i don't even know what to say. ace of cakes can eat your heart out.

i'm so glad you ended up having a good day - and guess what, you can celebrate again on friday awhen you get your present from annie and jasper.

xoxoxo auntie gina