Monday, June 15, 2009

Picasso, Eat Your Heart Out

Happy Monday! Here's a new fun thing that I keep meaning to tell you guys about. I love to "paint" in the shower. Daddy puts a bit of shaving cream on the shower door and I have a few tools that I use as brushes, and I paint away. I could do this all day long, or at least until the hot water runs out.

Speaking of showers, here's the latest photo of the new shower in Mom and Dad's bathroom. The shower area, bench area, and new built in shelving area was framed in last week. Mom is so happy and excited! I'm a bit concerned there won't be a place for me to paint, but hopefully they think of me and my budding talents.

There are many ears in the cornfield,

PS - My cousins, LC, Presley, and Cody arrived today....baton down the hatches!


Anonymous said...

That looks awesome! Have so much fun with your are gonna sleep good tonight!
love you, gammy

Anonymous said...

That artistic talent comes from your mama's side of the family Henry... we are all so impressed with your creation. Did you sign it?

Love you in all colors,
Great Auntie "M"

PS...Have you begun celebrating your birthday week, month etc. I see you are wearing your "birthday" suit:)

gina said...

so close...but so far away...i wish we were there with you all! can't wait to see you in August...will that new bathroom be done by then?! FUN!


Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Wow! Great! And good to see someone is still keeping their blog up to date!