Thursday, August 28, 2008

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Hi Little One,

Late again on your letter, but we were on vacation so sue me. You're definitely turning into a little boy, and less baby. In fact yesterday Nini called you her sweet baby, and you said, "I'm not a baby, you are!" So there ya have it.

Your vocabulary is growing by the minute. You can string together more words in one sentence than some adults I know. You cracked me up the other day when you kept repeating, "We don't say shut up. It's naughty." Over and over and over you kept saying that you don't say "shut up." Which reminds me that you got in real trouble for the first time this month too. You wrote on my new car with your sidewalk chalk. It didn't hurt the car, but your daddy sure gave you an ear full. Even when I mention it to this day, you look down and your little bottom lip comes out. Your dad said this will be a good test to see what kind of a kid you are. Are you going to do it again? I don't think so, I have faith in ya kid!

Speaking of chalk, Nini said you like to draw and color more than a lot of the other kids at school. You seem to really like to color and make your art projects. You're so proud and you come running to me, "Wook what I made!" And its cute when anytime you "write" anything, you say, "Wook at my name Mommy!" There's your little artistic side. I will always make room on the fridge for your master pieces.

A few days ago a lady at the grocery store said you were a big boy and she said that you should be a football player. That was just when we started noticing that people weren't commenting on your size anymore. Your little waist is even getting smaller. I've had to take in the waist of a few pairs of your short as they are falling off your little bottom. (By "take in" I mean adjusting the adjustable waist band.) The point is, you're thinning out, and I'm a little sad about it. Enjoy this time in your life where chunky rules.

Loves you little one,

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