Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another White-Knuckler

No one knows for sure why, but when we go on our little trips to SD, two things happen: 1. It blizzards. 2. Mom forgets to take pictures. It happens every time. Unexplainable. So we made it home from the white knuckle drive yesterday, and I'm going to show you the two pictures she did take.

Another mystery of the universe is why my great-auntie Jodi thinks she needs 5 calendars hanging in her kitchen. Here, if you look closely, there are FOUR. And then this one is on the fridge. We all thought it was funny. Not "ha ha" funny, but more weird funny. So we had to take a photo.

Screwed up,

PS - Maybe Auntie M will email me some pic's from the weekend and then I'll post 'em. Hint, hint.


Anonymous said...

Pics are on the way...it was great seeing you and your mommy, Henry. Also, thanks for the "cherry sucker kiss" -- yummy!! 2nd cuz Ethan enjoyed playing with you and your horsies! Thanks for sharing.

GAM - Great Aunty "M"

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Tell your mama to detox, pull herself together and get us updated on the weekend via photos.