Thursday, January 29, 2009

Howdy Sawatdee

Time for another installment of my restaurant reviews. This one has been long coming, but this is one of my parents' favorite places to eat. Me, not so much, but Mom recently talked to the manager and they said it was cool if I brought my own PB&J. Sweet.

Last night we went to Sawatdee. Its a Thai restaurant near our house, and it also has a sushi bar inside of it. See why I don't like it? Anyway, my parents like to go there for the sushi. They think its the best in town. They always order the same things...(2) orders of spicy salmon rolls, the Chef's Signature Platter (sorry, they hogged it out before I had a chance to take a photo), and Mom always like to have an order of spring rolls. She says these are the best she's ever had except for a place in San Fran of which she can't remember the name.

They do try to cater to kids, and they're more than welcome. I've been coming here since I was in the womb. They happened to be out of kid's menus last night, but the waitress brought me paper with frogs on it, and color crayons. They tried to give me some rice, just to introduce me to the food, but I was happy with my PB&J and pretzels. Then they tried green tea ice cream and fortune cookies, but I wasn't having any of it.

The best part about going on a Wednesday night is that Dan is there, usually with his dad, playing jazz music. Dan sings, and his dad plays guitar. They know me now and gesture to me during the show, which only makes me embarrassed and makes me want to crawl under the table. They are really fun to listen to singing Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and the like. If you don't like sushi or Thai, just go for the music and the great drinks. (Including pink lemonade!)

Overall, the food here is not for me, but I love the staff, the atmosphere, and the entertainment. If you're an adult, this is definitely ...................................................................HHHHH


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Oh man, it's making me hungry!