Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Just Wanna Lay Down

Its hard for everybody when we've gone 2 1/2 years without really being sick. Mom and Dad don't really look for it, and I just don't even know what's going on. It started out with me not wanting to get out of bed. Which for me is unusual. I'm definitely a morning person. Then all I wanted to do was lay down. Which for me is unusual. I'm definitely a walker/runner/tackler. Dad wanted me to get up and get dressed and I just didn't want to.

Finally, I did get up and get dressed, and Daddy and I headed out to Nini's. We almost got there, and then I threw up. Twice. All over me and my car seat and Daddy's car. So, we turned around, and on the way back home I threw up another 2 times. When we got home, Mom changed my clothes, threw everything in the wash, and then I threw up 3 more times. So far.

In the last half hour, my energy level has gone way up. I told Mom that my tummy feels better. She tried to sneak me that gross Pedialyte, but I know her tricks. I'm working on regular juice and water now. Hopefully the dark times are past. I'll let you know.

Suffer the agony of defeat,

PS - Scratch that. Just threw up again. Dang!


Anonymous said...

Hi Henry, I am so sorry you're sick....I hate that! We are having an ice day at home. It is only going to get worse and then back to 40 tomorrow. So, it's popcorn & a movie today....hope you feel better.
Love you, gammy

Fabulous Over 40 said...

Henry, get better. I hate it when you don't feel well and you can't show your smiling, happy face. :(

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Oh little booger butt, hope you are feeling your spunky self real soon. Hope daddy got that mess cleaned up before it froze to the seats of his car. Icky-poo!

The World According to Hudson said...

Ahhh MAN!! I am sorry you are sick Hanky Poo!! If you are like me, throwing up is the WORST!! Hopefully it is only a short-lived bug! Get better!!

gina said...

oh buddy, it's just the worst, isn't it?! you had a good run though - 2 1/2 years is good! i'm glad you're feeling better, though.