Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Gastrointestinal Review

Welcome to my Minnesota State Fair 2009 Gastrointestinal Review! The tradition continues with the Johnston's and the Willegalle's, including the new little shooter at his first fair - Griffin. Grab your bottle of Tums and hang on:

We started out this year with Martina's favorite, shocker, fried cheese on a stick! So yummy and creamy. It really tastes like a grilled cheese sandwich. We then headed over to Juanita's Fajitas for a breakfast burrito. Daddy said it was just "OK" but I loved it. (See photo above). We washed it all down with a little German Root beer (think Barq's without the bite) and headed straight on over to the Mini Donuts! This is where Griffin really got to shine!

Next was the only new thing we tried this year, yes, we're growing a bit lame in our old age: Pickle Dog. Its pastrami and cream cheese wrapped around a pickle spear. It was good, but how about if it was SALAMI?! Mom got her favorite soft pretzel dipped in mustard next, and it was off to every body's favorite Turkey To Go. Brian couldn't keep his mouth off that one!

After a brief intermission of Palmer and I saying we wanted to go on rides, and then actually really not going on rides, well I didn't anyway, we headed back over to the food. Mom tried the Shaved Hawaiian Ice, pretty good, but really sweet. The day was then rounded out with fried pickles, a quite large pickle on a stick, and the always yummy caramel apple. We really had another great day at the fair this year! Thanks again to the Mitsch's for the best parking spot in town!


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