Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sometimes Its the Brakes

You aren't going to believe this, in fact that what I told Mom: "I can't believe I have a big boy bike, Mama. I can't believe it." But Daddy found this bike in some one's yard and it had a "FREE" sign on it! So he picked that right up, took it to the bike shop to get it fixed up and surprised me with it yesterday! I really love it, but with my old trike, when you pedalled backwards, the bike went backwards. With this thing, it puts on the brakes. It gets to be a little more than frustrating sometimes, but Daddy says to stick with it and I'll be going as fast as Mommy one of these days.

He stuck to me like a fart in a phone booth,


Anonymous said...

Way to go Henry -- you are sure ready for that big boy bike... have fun. Soon you may be riding in the park, while Mommy is walk-running. Yeah !!!!

Great Auntie "M"

GramaE said...


Will you STOP growing up already? A 2-wheeler (or 4)?!! When you come visit us, you can bring your bike and go up & down the sidewalk (unless they are snow-packed). I am so impressed. Wonder if you'll ever get back on your cute little trike again.....

How do you get them back on the farm.....Grame

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Free?!? I love free!!!