Monday, September 21, 2009

Month 39 Archives

Dear Henry,

Today you are 39 months old. You are a rambunctious, crazed, energized three year old. You've grown more challenging now that you're three. You have more opinions, and you're not afraid to pass them on to anyone who will listen.

Your shyness is really getting a lot better. I still wish you didn't need quite so much warm up time, but you're really coming along. A few funny phrases that are part of your every day language includes: "Oh man!", "I'm going to bust you!", "Don't freak out!". You're sassing off a little. You want to put me or your dad in time-out all the time. I've lowered down the hammer and have put YOU in time-out every time you say it. And amazingly, it almost never happens anymore. I've also starting incorporating yoga breathing, (for you AND me) when you're starting a tantrum. We do 10 deep breaths, and again amazingly, afterwards every body is calm.

You are really into riding your bike. Unfortunately for you, we live on a giant hill, with a giant hill drive way, and no sidewalks on our street. So you're a bit limited as to where you can ride. Daddy and I will back our cars out of the garage so you can ride around in there. Fortunately, you're still on a trike, and you don't mind the small quarters. In fact, you really seem to enjoy when I am sitting in a chair in the middle of the garage and you ride circles around me all day long. I love it how, (and so does your Grandma), you never get on your bike without your helmet. You say, "I have to be safe, Mom." Keep it up Buddy.

Besides horses and baseball, you do like watching a little TV. OK, maybe a lot, but you'd still always rather be outside, so I'm OK with it. Your favorite shows right now are Imagination Movers, Scooby-Doo, and Phineas & Ferb. I love P&F too, so its fun to watch it with you. You laugh at some things, and I laugh at somethings. Its a perfect match!

Well, that's a pretty good wrap up of your life these days Kiddo. The weather is getting cooler, so we'll be inside more. I'm looking forward to going to the pumpkin patch, going sledding, and putting you on a plane for a couple vacations to Texas this winter. Even though you've done them all before, its going to be like the first time, and I'm looking forward to hearing your play by play account.

Love you Boogie,


gina said...

i just loooove that your mama said "a couple" of vacations to Texas!

love you, buckaroo!

auntie gina

Marita said...

Do you think it's normal that I cry when I read these? I mean, right now, at the office.. tears streaming.

You're amazingly talented at writing, and even more talented at Parenting.

Both you and Henry are extremely blessed to have one another.