Saturday, December 09, 2006

Tommy Lee's Got Nothin' on My Mama

So, last night was the big Christmas party at gunkelmanFlesher, where my mom works. It sounds like they had a good time - they didn't come pick me up until after MIDNIGHT, and Mom has been moving pretty slowly today. She keeps saying she has a headache.

My mother, being the super star spotter that she is, had a great sighting last night! Tommy Lee of Motley Crue fame was walking by the room where they were having the party at the hotel last night! She went to go ask him to have her picture taken with him, but his big bad body guard said no. Apparently if you don't look like this, Tommy doesn't have time for you.

Oh well, it was a great spotting anyway.
All in all it was a great night for me too. I had fun with my cousins and my Auntie Gina even trimmed my fingernails. Mom hates that job. Thank you Auntie Gina, Mommy did notice.

Peace out - HAJ

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GramaE said...

Henry, How much weight have you gained anyway? And where did you get that owie on your forehead? I'm so glad that Gina did your nails. As you know, my eyesight isn't so good anymore. Your grampaE had a rough night last night too. And his memory isn't so good anymore either. Have a great day!!