Friday, December 22, 2006

What To Do?

I love these shorts from my Gammy! They have my name embroidered on them with cool fish too. I had to wear that outfit in TX cuz its just too cold to wear around here.

Well, we're supposed to be off on our second world tour in two weeks today, but Daddy is still sick. So, I'm not sure if we're leaving or not today. Mom and I feel really bad for him. If worse comes to worse, we'll just leave tomorrow. The weather isn't the best here yet anyway. We're supposed to be off to Spirit Lake, IA to see my Great G&G Wingen, then to SD to see the gang in the Brookings area, and then on Sunday we're off to Aber to see G&G E. We have a truck full of presents to haul too. I'm kind of interested in the presents. I love the shiney paper and the bows. I might try diggin' into one here one of these days.

Not much else going on - oh, the mouse count is holding steady at 5. Are we done?



gammy said...

Well, I think I have the smartest son because he married the sweetest wife and now they have the most precious son. ahh life is good. gammy

Larry and Mel said...

I had a blast with you, Henry at Xmas. I still can believe you laughed that much at me. I certainly didn't know I was that funny. I have been waiting for the blog on the SD Christmas but your Mom is apparently slow. Perhaps she drank to much wine or something and has another one of her headaches.
Just thought I would let you know that I came down with the flu Wednesday night, yucky. I hear G and G E have the flu now too.
Well I hope you got home okay and I hope your Mom's fingers start working again. Love ya Henry,
Your future Auntie Mel

Fairbanks Blog said...

Hey Hank,

Just a little pep talk to help you get through winter... Item #1: your Mom and Dad aren't trying to annoy you, they (like Uncle Pat and Auntie Kelly) just don't know when to stop talking. Item #2: you have probably noticed that you live in an area with an excessive amount of cold- only 17.5 more years until you can enroll at ASU. Stay tuned- I will be back with more at another time....
P.S. you are the cutest kid I have ever seen!