Thursday, May 22, 2008

College Boy

I've been so busy here at G&G E's, that I didn't have time for a good post yesterday, but I hope you enjoyed the video. I've come down with a bit of a cold and its a bit in my eyes, so Mom sent us my eye drops, which make me pretty cranky trying to get those things in my eyes.

We went to see Gpa at work the other day, I can't believe he let me wear that SDSU sweatshirt on his campus....I'm wondering why he just doesn't buy me a Northern State one!?!?! The best part about his office are the ramps in the hallways. I love to run up and down them and throw my ball around.

Then we went to the library to do a little light reading and get some books. I get my intellectual side from my mama. We then went grocery shopping. Lately I'm not so jazzed about getting in the cart, but I can be bribed with a sucker. I get my "I can be bribed with sugar" side from my papa.

And this above all, to thine own self be true,


gina. said...

i really love that you carry a ball with you all over town. jasper does that too...i darn near can't leave the house without one or something dora related. the other day it was a can of corn with dora on it. a can. of corn.

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Big man on campus! Gotta love it and Kesslers too!

Nesa Rae said...

Your sweatshirt ROCKS Henry - you don't need a Northern one. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love that you have so many activities....I'm sure everyone is ready for bed at the end of the day...big hug, gammy