Wednesday, May 21, 2008

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Dear Henry,

Well this is a little different for your Daddy and I these days. As I write this you are staying with your grandparents for A WEEK. We're on day 5 of not seeing you. Good thing your grandma is so nice and thoughtful to email us a load of pictures everyday, and we've been able to talk to you on the phone everyday too. Yesterday you said, "Grandpa working. Daddy working. I nap with bankie. Bike," and a bunch of other things I couldn't quite make out. You also said you missed me and that you love me. See, these are the things I'm missing most about you, little booger. I just know you're going to be so big and different when we see you again this weekend.

We left you last year when you were 9 months old to go on vacation, but you are so different now its much harder. I miss our conversations; you're such a big boy. In fact, when I ask you if you're a baby, you say NO! Then I ask you if you're a big boy and you say YES! How do you know? You don't know. You're just a little boogey.

I should probably write more about all the new stuff you've been doing this month, but I can't remember anything. I'm too consumed with missing you. But I know this is so good for you, and so good for your grandparents, and so good for your daddy and I. We've been really concentrating on going out to dinner and talking about you the whole time. What can we say? We're hooked on you, little one.

Loves, Mama


Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Hanky Panky can't wait to see you back in the grove little one! I know you are having a blast in aber-dabber!

gina. said...

Mmm they do just take over the brain, those little ones, don't they? love.