Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Friends

We spent Mother's Day playing outside ALL DAY LONG. It was GREAT! I even have two new friends, Andrew and Ethan. They live next door to me and they have a playground in their backyard. They invite me to play with them all the time. They are the ones that let me play with their guitar you saw yesterday. Ethan even came over to my house yesterday and asked if I could come outside and play, but I was at school. Mom thought it was the coolest thing.

We like to play with the watering hose and buckets, playing catch, we went down the slide about 100 times. I can even climb up the ladder to the slide by myself. Mom said she didn't have the heart to make me go in the house in the middle of the afternoon to take a nap because I was having so much fun. At the end of the day I was so tired I couldn't even walk, and I actually snuggled with Daddy on the way up the stairs. That's how crazy it was. That definitely ranks as one of my favorite days of all time.

Tan your hide,


Anonymous said...

You are just getting so big...I am happy that you have some nice friends next door to play with.
sweet dreams, gammy

gina. said...

sounds like you need to be enrolled at the school ethan and andrew go to.

auntie gina