Friday, May 30, 2008

Story Book Land Highlights

We went to Story Book Land while I was visiting GnGE. That's where I got to ride the horsies on the carousel. I was a little tentative, but once the music started playing and the horses started to move, I really got into it.

We went to the park with my new friends Jake and Austin. They are Mom's friend from high school's kids. They are really nice and really fun. I don't think they're afraid of anything. I need to hang with them more to help me with my courage. Austin and I started out on the horsies. Big shocker, I know. Then I moved on to the big WEEEE (most people call them a slide.)

While we were in the castle, I threw two pennies in the fountain and made a wish. Then right after two wishes came true. Firetruck AND tractor all in one day?!?!? Wishes really do come true. I thought uncle Severt would like this picture of Daddy and I on a John Deere. Then I rode on my first real ride. It was the hot air balloon ride. It went way in the air and spun in circles. Thank goodness Daddy and Grandpa were with me.

We had a great day running and running and running. I think I'm still tired. I'd like to send a shout out to Jake and Austin. Thanks for coming to the park to play with me, and hopefully we can get together again sometime. Oh yeah....thanks for the ball soccer (soccer ball) too!

In the lap of luxury,


Corey said...

Hey there Henry,
Jake and Austin sure did have a good time playing with you at Storybook land. They too hope to play with you again really really soon, and we are so glad that you love your new Soccer Ball. That soccer ball should help to keep both your mommy and daddy on their toes, no pun intended.

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

ok Hen, when you were in the castle did you see the brick with my name on it, huh, huh? Such cute photos!