Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dreams Do Come True

I kinda left ya hangin' didn't I? Sorry about that. We went on your bi-annual world tour of South Dakota, and well, maybe someday they'll come into the 2000's and get Internet access. Maybe.

Take a look at that picture up there people! HOG HEAVEN! Daddy took me out to my uncle Severt's farm and I not only got to ride the tractor, I DROVE the tractor too. Severt has a fancy GPS system on the tractor and it pretty much drives itself, so Daddy and Severt chit chatted, and I DROVE. And when I say tractor, I mean TRACTOR. Check this out! The tires are taller than my dad. (And we all know how my dad's nickname is Stretch.) It was so exciting, that I actually fell asleep on the way back to the city. Mark it in my top 3 best days ever.

Stay tuned for more updates from another great weekend in SD.

Cry uncle,


gina. said...

since when aren't you afraid of tractors?! OH, I KNOW. you only drive john deere's. i'll tell papa mcmahon - he should have known better not getting a jd tractor. that's why you liked the gator so much. good job drivin', stretch jr.

much love, auntie gina

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

I see a FFofA in the making!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, that Uncle Severt has the coolest tractors ever!!!
We miss you
Aunt Niki

Nesa Rae said...

Henry - it's just fantastic to see you at such an early age understanding that there are just no bad weekends spent in South Dakota. We love it!

Disgruntled Princess said...

That's gonna leave all the other boys green with envy!

Anonymous said...

That Sievert is a FUN guy....isn't he? Next summer we will have some fun with your cousins on the farm.
love you, gammy