Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Treats, That Look a Bit Trickey

We made Halloween cookies for me to take to school. As I said when Daddy told me that I was bringing these treats for the kids, "They're gonna love it!" We made witches, pumpkins, cats, and a haunted house from these cut outs that Brookie got for me. First we made the dough and cut out the shapes. Then popped them in the oven. We frosted them with all kinds of different colors. After that, and here's the cool part, these are special 3-D cookies that stand up when they're assembled. Some stood up perfectly, while others...not so much. They were a big hit and a lot of work. Good thing Halloween only comes once a year...but here comes Thanksgiving. I gotta go ask Mom if we can do turkey cookies next!

Home is where the heart is,


Anonymous said...

UNBELIEVABLE!!!! You two could open up a Halloween cookie shop.
I wish I had one of those cookies right now with my coffee...yummmm
XOXO, gammy

gina. said...

dude! that is seriously impressive. 3-D?! oh man, i just want one of those witchies so bad i can taste it.

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

What was all the fuss about? They look great! I love how in one pic I could see a beer in the background and in another a wine cork. Next time frost them sober and they will be even better!

GramaE said...

Henum baby, You are so lucky. Your mom is the best. And you LOVED 'em, didn't ya?

Workin' so hard to please,

Anonymous said...

Did you really make those??? Is Mommy having Bloody Marys in the morning again....amazing!!!