Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Is That Comet Or Cupid, Donner or Blitzen...

Check what was in my back yard the other day. I'm not even kidding. Here's proof: You can see my basketball hoop, then back there is the deer. It even has horns. OK, not huge horns, but there's horns. Here's a shot of it by the Buddha. Here's the shot where I thought it was going to charge me and crash through the sliding glass door and kill us all. So we hid in the bathtub until it left.

I don't know for sure, I'm guessing,


Disgruntled Princess said...

I've had that same vision...I am so glad you were safe in the tub (hope it didn't have glass doors).

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Bambi! I hope and pray that little thing stays a safe distance from 94.

gina. said...

horns or antlers?
is there a difference?
lol! doesn't matter cause he's so cute!