Monday, November 24, 2008

Month 29 Archives

Dear Booger Butt,

There is so much to cover this month. You've become such a little boy, and a great conversationalist. We're having so much fun with you, and especially this time of year. Its been fun to start introducing you to holiday traditions because you're beginning to understand what's going on. Granted you still probably won't remember what we're doing now, but part of me thinks you might have a faded memory somewhere back there.

Let's start with fears. I gotta be honest here little guy, you are nothing if you aren't one big chicken. And its OK, sounds like your dad was a chicken when he was little, so hopefully you'll grow out of it. You're deathly afraid of grocery carts, cars on the street (or anywhere), dogs barking in the distance, deer, and monsters. I can already see your imagination going crazy.

Speaking of grocery carts, you will not ride in one unless its a race car or something like that. At Target you threw yourself to the floor, and cried and cried, until some workers came over and gave a sticker. I was ignoring you and then I explained how you only like race car carts, and they agreed to do what they can to make your dream come true.

Next we'll tackle firsts. You went on your first (really, fourth) real airplane ride this month. It was the first time you've had a clue what was happening. You were so good, and sat there with your snack, and watched your movie, and looked out the window. You didn't seem to mind at all that your mom was having a minor panic attack right next to you. Please, DO NOT catch that from me.

When we were in Texas last week, you ate calamari. It was so funny, but full disclosure, no one spilled the beans that you were eating squid. Plus, who doesn't love anything deep fried with marinara! But, you're new favorite food is salad. Yes, salad. I'm as shocked as anyone. But last week, you wanted to eat some of my salad, and now I make you one every night with dinner and order you one when we go out. You prefer ranch on the side. And you like a few croutons sprinkled about. Awwww, just like Mommy.

Loves, Mama Mia (You've been calling me that lately, and then I can't get ABBA out of my head for the next 2 hours.)

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Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

29 months?!? Where the heck has the time gone?