Friday, November 21, 2008

In. The. Building. Giant. Slide.

I don't know how to fully explain where we went to dinner on Saturday night. To put it in actual words, is nearly impossible. Talk about "kid friendly!" So bear with me and grab a cup of coffee. This post is going to be a media blitz of photos and videos. I just think its the only way to fully explain it all. And remember, it all takes place in about 2 hours.

The Texans took us to a restaurant called The Trail Dust, and this place is known for its sirloin and for being so casual, that if you where a tie into the establishment, it gets cut off. So of course Daddy and uncle Addison HAD to wear ties. And they both ended up with them getting cut off.

The most amazing thing about this place was...wait for it...THEY HAVE A GIANT SLIDE IN THE BUILDING. In. The. Building. Giant. Slide. You're probably like me, and saying to yourself, "Henry, what exactly do you mean by giant slide? And in the building?" Get a load of this:

And check out Birthday Girl:

They also had a live band with a great dance floor. So I just had to BUST IT with Gammy and Daddy (I'm the little one in the black "cow hat"):

And then I just HAD to BUST IT one more time:

On a side note, I learned something about my cousin Jasper that night. Everyone thinks he's all cute, and sweet, and innocent. LIES! He's a french fry thief and I caught him red handed. Some people's kids.

The evening ended with saying "Hee Haw" for Annie's birthday and a cupcake. This was the greatest birthday day I have ever been apart of. And in case you're wondering we all slept until noon the next day:

So, besides more great food and saying goodbye to Jasper and Annie, that about rounds out my vacation. The airplane ride home was about as basic as can be, even better than the way down. We're heading back to TX in December, so I already to know all the hot spots I want to hit. Thank you so much to Gammy and Grampa Jack for letting us take over for a few days, and sorry, again, about the cabinet and the glasses. You know what I mean.

Love, HAJ


Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Jealous doesn't even begin to sum it up. I want my tie cut off!!!

Anonymous said...

We just got on the NET...down here in the Turk islands. Mommy did a great job on your blog. What a great weekend!!!
love you, gammy

GramaE said...

Hey Brooke, I'm so with you regarding the jealousy stuff. It's almost like what will the parents do now that he's seen Parie (I mean Texie). And Henry, you didn't by any chance throw one of Gammy's glasses into the sink did ya? I guess us Gramas are just going to have to get some plastic kid glasses! Oh, it's all part of the fun of life. Trust me, after these past few days, you are all more precious than ever.

Don't sweat the small stuff,

gina said...
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gina said...

nice recap, auntie nicki! it was my best birfday ever! i love being 4!

love annie