Saturday, November 01, 2008

Not So Much Treating

My first Halloween, trick or treating all by myself. Well, Mom and Dad came with me, and I even recruited Ethan to play the big brother role, and teach me the tricks of the trade. The first house we went to, I was a little shy but very happy to take the candy and say thank you. The next house I didn't even want to walk up to the door. The next one I walked to the door, but I didn't want to carry my candy bucket anymore. Seems like Ethan didn't have time to wait for me, he was very busy. About the time I noticed this, and then one of the other neighbor kids scared me, I was DONE. Back in the house, shoes off, coat off, didn't want any candy (in fact left my candy bucket at the neighbors), and was watching a movie. The "adults" were outside having a good old fashioned garage party (since it was 60 degrees). Mom wants you to check out Wayne's costume, he's the one in white.

So, I ended up with about 4 pieces of candy, which is fine for me. Maybe next year I'll get what all the fuss is about, but for now I'd rather watch a horsey racing movie than have to walk around the neighborhood begging for candy and being scared out of my wits.

Too close for comfort,

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