Thursday, February 26, 2009

Batton Down the Hatches

Well. since every body's talking about it, and when you live with it, it seems it consumes your life. Its going to blizzard again today. From what the "weather terrorists" are saying we could get anywhere from 3"-11". That's some range. They said it was supposed to hit at 10am. Well, its now 11:11am and we have nothing. But get aload of the current radar. WE'RE SURROUNDED! Here's a before shot of the back yard, I'll update you on the hysterics tomorrow.

Don't rush to judgement,

PS - Special birthday shout out to WAURIE! Hope you have a wonderful day, and I love you Waurie!

PPS - Thank you to my auntie Niki for sending me this cool hat and maraca from Antigua...wherever that is. I hope I'm not tested!


Fabulous Over 40 said...

well hit us it did! I'm sure SD is a standstill because Spfd is not moving. You could make another trip to Sleepy Eye and go bar hopping!

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Battoned down and consumming beer to keep warm. I love a good blizzard.

Anonymous said...

Aunt Chris looks great,,,what's her due date? One time, a long time ago when your Daddy was little; I told him I was going to a shower. As I was leaving he said, "Mom don't forget your towel!" Have Daddy teach you a card game while you're snowed in, that's what we did when we were kids...