Monday, February 23, 2009

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Dearest Henry,

Hey Buddy! You are the funniest little guy these days. I'm always looking forward to what's coming out of your mouth. You're even turning into a true Minnesotan, and getting sick of this weather! Everyday you've been asking if its time to go on a bike ride yet, and when I say no and that its still too cold, you just say "Yep!" Its comin' kid. Here's the skinny, if you can get through January, its all down hill. February is when you're stuck in the middle, but March...March is when you gets tastes of what's to come and things are coming back to life. I bet we get on our bikes at least once next month.

There are a couple things I want to tell you about yourself. The one that really cracks us up is your new southern accent you've developed. I don't know if we were in Texas during a critical point when you were really developing your tone or what, but every thing's got twang. You say things like this, "I dropped it aga-yan (again)" or "I want it nay-ow (now)". Its just so funny; I wonder how long it will stick around.

You are also becoming very scared of monsters. We try to tell you there are no monsters, but you know otherwise. So at least we have you convinced that they go to bed when its dark out, which makes sense. There's also a certain "scary" face that I do that makes you think I'm a monster. You get a little scared, and then you start yelling "Mommy, wake up! Are you in there? Can you hear me?" Again, funny. I love that you think this crazy monster takes over my body, but if you yell loud enough the real me comes back.

For Valentine's Day we bought you the kids version of the Seabiscuit book. Of course that was a no brainer, and you love the book and need to have it read to you constantly, even though you have it basically memorized. But my favorite part is when you say "Sea-bik-sut" and his opponent War Admiral is "War-ammrrll". I know you need to learn to pronounce words correctly, but I just love your little tongue twists. Oh, and you're becoming a pro at knowing that green means go, and red means stop. And I love that you "can't remember" the color yellow, so you just say its sun. Perfect.

On Saturday we took you to your first play, Jesus Christ Super Star. Bridget directed the play, and it was Frannie and Lucy's debut! It was really fun, and we were all so impressed that you sat through the whole thing, and listened and danced. It was a little scary a couple times, but you just grabbed my arm and sat there so good. Maybe you want to be an actor, and that's OK, but I was so excited that 3 times during the play you asked me if we could go play baseball, and let me know you were going to wear a mitt. There ya go!

Loves you booger butt, Mama


Anonymous said...

Henry, I love your accent....soooo cute! We're fixin to be there in May to help you with that!
Love y'all, gammy

Anonymous said...

Just a sidenote for your mommy - my son Parker who is currently 4 1/2 has the exact same southern accent! We always say he can take a one syllable word and turn it into two!! ca-yare ( care) ha-yare (hair) I love it.