Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I Wanna Be a Cowboy

Saturday night my parents took me to the rodeo to watch the World's Toughest Cowboy contest. We found out after we were there, its actually a reality show produced by Mark Burnett on Spike TV Thursday nights. The winner gets a ranch in Wyoming. Jeez, maybe I want a ranch in Wyoming. No one asked me. Anyway, it was so great, I mean you know how I am with horses and stuff. We were only 8 rows up, and we were right next to the shutes. Its like the cowboys were right there. The only scary part was the fireworks at the beginning, but once that was done I was good to go.

Here's a taste of the bare back for ya:

We really got into the event. I wore my cowboy hat and my horsie shirt, and Mom even dug out her old cowboy boots. I really liked the bull riding, look at this guy get bucked off. This is my favorite cowboy. He's only 5'4", but he was definitely the toughest guy out there. He got knocked out at one point, and then 10 minutes later he's back on a bull. Whoa. Here's a taste of the bull riding for you, and also a bit of The Wave:

The funniest part of the night was watching Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey. He was so funny how he bounced around on his doggie, and he was really good at herding sheep. If you have a sec, watch this video of him making these sheep go exactly where he wants them:

What a great night and I can't wait to go again. If you're around on March 5th, be sure to tune into Toughest Cowboy on Spike TV (check your local listings. I've always wanted to say that) and see if you can see us on TV. We're to the right of the shoots and of course Mom is wearing black, so there should be no problem in spotting us. Not.

Show me some guts,

PS - Happy birthday to Tom today! Here's a little shout out to my guitar hero.

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