Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bump Watch 36 Weeks

This weekend we (Mom and I) went to a baby shower for my new cousin to be, Little Baby E. Now I know you're saying to yourself, aren't showers only for girls? Look, I'll go anywhere there are presents and cake and I right? It was fun even though Mom made me dress up. I spent the time playing cars and eating. Hey, wanna see a really good shot of the belly? Here's 36 weeks! Holy guacamole!

Signed, sealed and delivered,


Chris said...

Everyone loved having you at the shower! You'll be a great big cousin to Baby E!

gina said...

oh henr, i love that fancy wool coat! tell your auntie chris to hurry up and give you a new cousin - she looks like she's gonna blow! :)

xoxo auntie gina