Thursday, November 29, 2007

Not So Shocking

Hey guys! Its cold here. I mean really freakin' cold. Its 9 right now. Why is it we're shocked every year when it gets cold? We all live here. We've all lived here. We know its going to happen, yet we're floored every time the first cold front hits. They're even saying 5-10" of snow for Saturday. Snow I am not ready for, but at least we have a kick butt hill for sledding behind our house.

Remember how this summer when Mom and I went to the park and I hated the swing? Well, things haven't changed. I still hate the swing.

Set like a jelly,

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Anonymous said...

Henry, I don't like the cold either but at least you are wearing shoes....YEA!!!
I just want you to know Pecos Bill is waiting for you in Cow town just as we are in only 21 days....but hey, who's counting?
Gammy that's who xoxo