Thursday, November 15, 2007


Sitting on the sofa, snugglin' with Papa, drinkin' a little milk, watchin' a little boob-tube, winding down from another wild day of being one. These are the days.

Great day coming up today...G&GE are on their way here to visit ME! OK, not totally just me, but we all know, mostly me. Actually, the wedding is finally happening this weekend....Uncle Derek and New Auntie are finally getting hitched! Seemed like forever ago when Mom went a meddling into their lives.....

It just goes to show,

PS - HAPPY DAY to my cousin Annie!! I hope you get lots of Dora stuff! Have a fun party!

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my name is gina. said...

Thank you, Henry! I'm having a really good day. so far i got a kitchen, a tricycle, some dora playdoh, and lots of fake food. and i got a happy meal for lunch today. i love you and i miss you. love, annie