Monday, November 05, 2007

Play Hard, Live Hard

Patrick came over to my house yesterday to play, while our parents watched football. We were actually the good, quiet ones while the adults were all screaming and hopping around the living room. Something about Mom having Adrian Peterson on her fantasy team. Who knows?

Patrick and I played hard all day long and I got real thirsty. AND, the best part is we had matching outfits on. We were football players for the Bulldogs. Patrick pulled me all over the house on my bus, and then we played Fort with his mom. There's a clue of each person that was in our fort in this picture. I consider it a great day anytime I can spent it playing Fort.

I forgot to show you this piece of art I made at school the other day. Its decoration for Halloween. And I want to thank my pal Pat (Brady's Dad) for sending me this cool pin from when he went to the World Series a couple weeks ago. It's for the Hank Aaron award they gave out at the game that night. What a cool piece of memorabilia.

Statistics are for losers,

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