Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tree Watch '07

This weekend we went out and found our 2007 Christmas tree! Its always a fun day, and this year G&GE came with us. We loaded up with Ho Ho Mocha Mint Lattes and hot chocolate and headed out to the country. We searched and searched and here's the one that caught our eye. I call him....Timmy. No, not really, it just seemed appropriate.

Daddy and Gpa cut 'er down and then we loaded 'er up in the truck. On the way to get the extra needles shaken off the tree, Gpa had to stop to pee and we saw a goat. I don't think the incidents were related, but who knows. The cute teenage kids put the tree in the shaker machine and shook it, and then wrapped it in plastic, and brought it to our truck. Mom just likes to go to see the cute teenage boys.

Tune in tomorrow to see the finished product...

Hop on over to my house,

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GramaE said...

Henry, Good job on the blog today. GrampaE and I are missing you so much already. We had so much fun at your house. It was all so much fun...the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, all the family and friends, Thanksgiving at your house, cutting down the the Christmas tree and decorating it, plus all the fun times inbetween...getting you up in the morning, babysitting, playing in the park, shopping with Mama, going for lunch, keeping your mittens on, etc. You make the best of times better.

Love, Grame