Friday, November 02, 2007

Life Saving Tip

Just an FYI for everyone out there to know....just a little tid bit to put in your back pocket....a safety net, if you will - always keep a sucker within your reach around me. If I start to loose it, or you really need me to be good, and I don't want to cooperate, just give me a sucker. Any kind will do: Dum Dum, Tootsie Pop, Blow Pop, what ever strikes your fancy. You'll count your lucky stars you did.

The truth will set you free,


gina said...

mmmmmm, i love suckers too, henry. every time we go to the doctor i get one. and the mail place has tootsie rolls and those are pretty good, too. yesterday was a good day because mom had to mail something AND we had to go to the doctor for japper. i got a tootsie roll AND a sucker and i still have a bucket of candy from halloween! I LOVE CANDY!!

love annie

gina said...

sorry, hank. you'll have to excuse your cousin, she's been high on sugar for 2 straight days.

love you so much,
auntie gina