Thursday, March 27, 2008

Big Guy, Little Guy

Back to school today, I'm doing much better. No eye goop this morning. But I gotta tell ya, those eye drops are for the birds. I'm getting smarter about them too. I start squirming as soon as Dad comes and holds me down and Mom grabs that bottle. That bottle! I see it, sitting there on my book shelf. Its my arch nemesis these days. I have to keep taking the drops until Monday. Jeez.

I really enjoyed swimming at the water park in our hotel last weekend. Dad kept taking me down that slide over and over and over. One time I got so excited I took off running on the wet tile. I heard Mom yell "No running!" but I didn't care.....until I fell. I cracked the back of my head on that tile, oh yes I did. Daddy grabbed me and calmed me down and took me right down that slide again. Water slides cure what ails me.

Have a field day,


Chris said...

It sounds like your head has been through a lot of trama recently - the egg, pink eye and then hitting it on the tile at the pool. Take it easy on your noggin!
Love, auntie Chris

gina. said...

that picture is so sweet. you are daddy's mini-me - even the way you walk. so cute. and you seem to be taking after cousin annie with the pink eyes and the head bumps all the time. gracefulness is overrated.

love auntie gina

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

A good waterslide ride will wash away any little tear.