Thursday, March 06, 2008

Happy Birthday To My Brother

Today would be Charlie's 7th birthday. I can't believe he'd be seven. That means he'd be in first grade. He'd probably be in sports, only because Mom pushed him that way. I just know we'd be ripping this house appart together, and laughing and wrestling and causing all kinds of trouble. I bet he'd blame me for all the stuff he'd break. Isn't that what little brothers are for? I like to look at his pictures. When I see them I say, "Baby." Then Mom and Dad help me try to say Charlie. I'm getting better at it. I wear some of his clothes that he never grew into, that helps me feel like he has left me a few things. Just like real hand-me-downs. I wish I could show him my tent, and the great hill we could sled down in the backyard. I need him here to help me with my courage level. I've got a little chicken in me, and I know Charlie could help me be more brave, like he was. But I know he's watching over me, and I have my own personal guardian angel. Until we meet, big brother.

Love, Henry

PS - Happy Anniversary to Mama and Daddy!


Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Sure wish we could have met Charlie too! We are thinking about you three today and love you all very much! Happy anniversary to your mom and pop too!

Anonymous said...

I think of Charlie every day when I look at your picture Henry and I so wish he were here. He will always be cherished in my heart.
Happy Happy Anniversary to your parents! Hug them and kiss them a little more today Henry...
With all my love, gammy

Fab Over 40 said...

What a beautiful little baby that brother of yours. I know you two would have had a blast! Give mom & dad lots of hugs and kisses today.

Disgruntled Princess said...

It is a special day today--although bittersweet. Oliver would also have been 7 now and I'd like to think he has met Charlie and that they will hold hands for a moment today, laugh and enjoy memories. Today I wish for you a tear of joy at remembering what Charlie brought to your life. Thank you for sharing...I am sending huge hugs OOOOOOO

gina. said...

siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh...we love that little booger so much, too.

kisses and hugs to your mom and pop, henry.

xoxo aunt gina

GramaE said...

Happy Anniversary to your mama and papa too! This day is very special to your family. You will realize that more as you get older. It's with a smile that we remember little Char Bear. He was only here on earth a short time, but those were some good times.

The heart grows fonder,

Anonymous said...

march is absolutely one of my two favorite months (the month of november 24-january 3rd is really good too, but since that isn't a "month" i run into problems with some folks claiming it as my favorite). anyway, back to march... it's my favorite for lots of reasons, and one was that i just turned 27 again (thanks for the shout out, btw) AND i get to share the month not only with bon jovi, but with my own cool big brother (we both got lucky on that one), your mama and daddy (as it is their anniversary - congrats!!), AND with the great char bear... sigh...a seriously good kiddo, that charlie. every day you try something new, share a laugh or make someone smile, you do him proud, henry.

to charlie!!

your friend, tasha