Friday, March 14, 2008

User Error

So remember the other day when I said I have moved on to size 5 diapers, and now my life should be so much better and all that? Well, I really pulled one on Mama today, oh yes I did.

She was all excited this morning because she was going to take to me a meeting with someone she's working with, just to drop off some papers, nothing fancy. Then we were going to go visit some other people that work in that building who wanted to see me because they haven't seen me since I was a baby. Can you imagine?

Anyway, she got me all dressed up in a onesie, shirt, sweater, jeans, socks, and shoes. Right before we had to leave I decided I needed to poop, so I did. Ah, the freedom. Mom said that was good that I did it at home instead of on the road. So I was feeling pretty good about myself. Mom took me up to change me, and when she went to unsnap the onesie, her finger just landed in poop. Seems she put my diaper on "wonkie" and I pooped right out the side. Well, half my cheek was hanging out, of course I'm going to miss. A person can't aim like that.
So, she panicked slightly, when she realized that all the poop was in the onesie, and it had to be taken off me, along with the perfect shirt, sweater, and jeans she'd planned for me to wear. Not to mention get it over my head without spreading poop, and not wrecking the perfect faux hawk I was sporting. Well, it all worked out, Mom is a master at evading poop I guess, I wore all the clothes except a new onesie and new socks. The socks were really the only real casualty here. And no one was the wiser. The End.

Live dangerously,

PS - Very special shout out to Gammy! Happy Birthday!! I know you won't get this until you get home (she's in Mexico, the lucky duck), but I didn't want you to think I forgot! Love you Gammy!


Anonymous said...

(This is from Palmer's Mom)Oh boy or oh sh!$ would be more suited for this situation, glad you Mom got everything under control.

gina. said...

Mmm hmmm...been there.

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

ohhhh nooooooo! Poop explosion is never good!