Monday, March 24, 2008

Door Jams Are Not Like Strawberry Jam

What a weekend we had! We were only gone over night, but I feel like we did a million things. We ended up going to Sioux Falls on Saturday. We were supposed to go on Friday, but of course it was blizzarding. Blizzard, blizzard, blizzard. Seems that's all we hear about these days. Hopefully that was the last of it.

My GGma W ended up in the hospital, so we decided to go see her. She is feeling better, and hopefully she'll be home soon. We got to spend some time GGpa W, and uncle Monte too. We saw uncle Pat and auntie Teresa. It was so great to see everyone, even if it was in a hospital. I scored an Easter basket and a stuffed dog (the one I'm sleeping on in yesterday's picture) from a nurse. I don't know why people think hospitals are so bad?!

Have you noticed the giant Easter egg on my forehead in the picture above? Yeah, that's what the Easter Bunny brought me. Saturday night I was running around the hotel, and I tripped and there it was. A door frame that wouldn't get outta my way. Dang! I cried and cried, and it swelled and swelled. Its much better now, but it was touch and go there for a while.

Tune in tomorrow for more on my trip. We've only scratched the surface. No pun intended.

There's no place like home,


Anonymous said...

OHHHH Henry!!! I hate those head injuries so much! I know they're going to happen, but man....
It does have to stop snowing...we're coming in July and I sure don't want to wear a ski coat...although your Dad told me he's got a few....HA!
I love you and I'm kissing your boo boo. gammy

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Poor little dude! We were driving home last night too and Jerrid said out of the blue "I miss Henry-that cute little guy" AND auntie Brooke does too!

Anonymous said...

Henry....Why didn't your mother tell me that you were in Sioux Falls! I live here and would have loved to see you guys! You'll have to let me know the next time you are going to be this then I will have had my baby and you two can meet....I'm sure you'll be the best of friends!
I'm sorry to see that the Easter Bunny left you that crazy egg on your forehead...hopefully he also left something good!?
I hope to see you and your parents really soon.....Hugs & Kisses!