Monday, July 07, 2008

Sweet Summer Time

What a fun weekend. Sad to see its over. I even cried when I had to leave Mommy today to go to school. The weekend was jam packed with nothing but fun! Cousin Jerid and his cute girlfriend Ashley came to visit us. The first day we hung out on the porch and then watched fireworks! I got to stay up until 10:30! I thought the fireworks were pretty cool. A little loud for my tastes, but I clapped and laughed with the rest of 'em.

The next day we went to the lake to go swimming, play in the sand, and catch some rays. Thanks to cousin Jerid, I didn't catch any rays. Mom forgot my sunscreen, but Jerid borrowed some from another beach goer, and applied it properly. As you can see, I didn't participate in the sand playing either, I like my tootsies to stay on the towel, thank you. Daddy did drag me in the water, but I wasn't havin' that either. Plus, I wouldn't let Mom put on my swimming diaper, so talk about baby got back! OK, look, if its not a luxurious pool at the club or in some one's back yard, just count me out.

Yesterday started with more time at the lake with Brookie and Jerrid, a quick BBQ at cousin Kyle and Casey's to say goodbye to Jerid and Ashley (Is this getting confusing with all the Jerid/Jerrid-ness happening?), and then one more BBQ at Brookie and Jerrid's. I know, see, I told you I was busy. Tune in to Brookie's Blog to get a recap of the S'MORES!

See the world through rose colored glasses,


Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Nuts! Gah, wish it was Friday.

Anonymous said...

I am with ya on the whole lake, going in the water thing, no probs hangin in the boat,havin fun, but leave the water to the others
Aunty Niki