Monday, July 14, 2008

What? I Like Them This Way

Took a little break from bloggin' this weekend, but I'm back and ready to roll. G & G E were visiting, and we were as busy as usual. Friday night we grilled out in the back yard. It was really hot outside, but then the storm came through and cooled everything down. It wasn't a severe storm, so Grandma wasn't scared. Sometimes she gets a little scared of the thunder.

The next day we took them to lunch at the golf course. We got to drive them in Miss Barbara Blue too. I love to go to the golf course because we get to eat outside. And this time Grandpa took me over to the golf carts and let me sit on one. I also got to see the golf cart garage.

I will recap the rest of the weekend as this week goes on. Be sure to check back for coverage on Uncle Derek and Auntie Chris' house warming know how crazy Auntie Chris' family is and you don't want to miss it. Although, from what I remember I don't think anyone was electrocuted, so that's progress.

Hook, line and sinker,

PS - I need to send a few shout outs: Happy Birthday to Tom G, Cousin Andrew R, and Gr. auntie Jodi yesterday, and to Gr. uncle Butcher today! Love all you guys!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Henry, Well, if you like "them that way" O.K. by me.
I leave for DesMoines tomorrow and then fly to see you next Tuesday.
We just can't wait to see you!
Big hug & kiss,