Thursday, January 25, 2007

New Auntie! New Auntie!

I have such exciting news everyone! I am the proud nephew of another auntie!! My uncle Derek proposed to his girlfriend Chris last night, and believe it or not, she said YES! She said YES! She pictured above standing beside her new fiance and my mom. I definitely approve of this couple. She is so much fun and she makes me laugh like no one else. Just look at this. And that was taken in September, when I would only smile for Queen Elizabeth and Oprah.

Derek proposed last night in Como Park in St. Paul. They were out hunting for the Winter Carnival Medallion. But, the whole thing almost didn't uncle and my mom (well more Derek than her) were just DYING on Tuesday night when they found out that someone found the winter carnival medallion!! He had been planning and planning on asking Chris while they searched for it. He called us almost in tears and totally panicking!! He came over and we all brainstormed for about 4 hours on trying to think of another special, yet last minute way to propose. We were googling "unique proposals" and stuff like that. We had plans in place where Mom and I were in disguises and I'd deliver a pizza with the ring in the pizza box! I mean Mom was actually trying out the disguise around the house. It was good too. Then, Chris is so efficient, and we had to figure out how to make sure Derek ordered the pizza, when he really was calling us to come over and deliver it. I mean, this was a process people!!
Then we had an idea to put it in her glove that she left at my house with this whole big story. Derek would throw the glove on the counter and then it would "clang" when it hit the counter and then Chris would wonder why it did that and then she would find the ring. But Derek was still stuck on getting us in costumes. OR - how about when Derek pics her up for dinner, she would quick go to the bath room before they left, and then when she opened the door, he'd be kneeling there with the ring. "But its in a bathroom!!" Derek didn't go for that one.
We were dying laughing - THEN - she actually called and said they are going to do a second hunt!!! We couldn't believe it!!!!! Derek went from pure crabby, stressed, bummed, and worried - to total hyper, happiness!! It was awesome.
We got the call last night that it happened, just as planned. And found out that Chris' grandparents also got engaged in Como Park. How cool is that? Its meant to be. It'll be a great story to remember every year when they hunt for the medallion, and when they take their kids. (hint, hint, I need more cousins!) Welcome to our family Auntie Chris. We've been wanting to say that for a long time.


Chris said...

Henry, I am so excited to be joining the family! My family loves checking out your version of the story in the blog. I'm glad you approve. Thanks for your help is spreading the great news and for helping uncle Derek with the process. I was completely surprised! It's so much fun!
Your "new auntie" Chris

NesaRae said...

Henry - I am so excited for you about your new Aunt and I am so happy for Uncle DEEK and Chris!!! Bringing tears to my eyes. Love is grand.

megan said...

I am so excited! Thanks for getting us the info, Hank. I am your new auntie Chris' big sister, Megan,and I can't wait to meet you and the rest of the family. It is going to be a blast with the wedding(I heard you were a party animal!)and all the fun stuff leading up! I get a new brother-in-law! I am excited!

GramaE said...

Hi Henry, We finally got back on the internet. Sorry you hadn't heard from me for while. I just have to say for the record that your Grampa and I couldn't be more pleased and happy with the event that came down at the winter carnival in St. Paul. We think that Chris is, by far, the best thing that has happened to your uncle since YOU were born. I suppose if you are being technical, we can say that Chris was here before you (not counting your fetal life, it might be close to a tie then). At any rate, we've had a fantastic year with the addition of you and Chris to the family. Next time you see her, please give her a hug from me. Mom said you are really getting good at kisses too!! Bye for now and love, GramaE