Monday, June 09, 2008

I Miss Them Already

Ok, I'm back. Sorry about the break, but we were so busy with the cousins, and after they left yesterday we spent the day recovering! I don't know where to start so, I'll start at the beginning!

On our first day we went to the zoo! It was great! While Presley and Cody were riding the lions, LC helped me chase down the fish in the aquarium. We also saw tigers sleeping, and camels, and prairie dogs. And with all of those neat things, the carts were my favorite part of the zoo! At least I'm consistent. Anything with a steering wheel. Of course we had to take a storm break and get out of the hail later that afternoon. Seems to be a trend lately.

The next day we went swimming at The Cousins' hotel, and then mom and auntie Niki took us to the party store to decorate for the party we would be having the next day. We got to pick anything we wanted that had to do with horse racing and my birthday! We had a blast and mom let us decorate the whole basement!

On Saturday we went swimming again, had lunch, and everyone came over to visit my cousins...(oh and probably auntie Niki and uncle Larry too.) I had the best time and loved having my cousins here. Special shout out to them, and I already can't wait to see them again!

Monkey around,


Anonymous said...

We miss you too Cuz it was so great to spend time with you
Love Pres and Cody
PS Mom says you and your mom should come visit while your dad is so busy!!! Just a thought we have something called "dancing waters" trust us you want to know what that is!!!!

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

There you are! I was missing you! Thanks for having us over for the big race too!